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A list of the Batman actor led quasi to make it a ranking. Finally, because for over 30 years the ghosts. There may even be people who think Christian Bale for the worst Bantman. Where is the mime in this ranking? So who is the best Batman actor today?

Batman: Which actor was the best Dark Knight?Source: Warner Brothers

The two Batman actor from the 40s are not included in the ranking with. Because both times it was not a real movie, but so-called "serial" - short episodes of a series. The time, however, did not go on TV, but in the movies. Week after week there was a new episode.

 Batman movies: How many are there & their order

we have been able to admire (in chronological order) the following actors as Batman:

  • Adam West
  • Michael Keaton
  • Val Kilmer
  • George Clooney
  • Christian Bale
  • Ben Affleck
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From the Best to the Worst: The best and worst Batman actor

5. Val Kilmer

batman-performer-val-kilmer nicolekidman-batmanforeverVal Kilmer as Batman along with Nicole Kidman

I like Val Kilmer. Unfortunately, I sit with this opinion in the editorial department alone. Kilmer is not a bad actor, he had only a better script, requires a better director and a less carnivalesque seemingly Setausstattung to rauszuholen something more out of his role.

Unfortunately, that does not forget one fact: Val Kilmer does not embody the type that we imagine under Batman. Playboy Bruce Wayne then-beau could represent quite well, but he was this not the ideal choice. Then rather a George Clooney.

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4. George Clooney

batman-performer-George Clooney-batnippelGeorge Clooney in Batnippel costume in the film Batman & Robin by Joel Schumacher

Too bad, George Clooney. He has the look, he's smart and he's not a bad actor. Clooney only had the misfortune to be at the wrong time in the wrong movie. What just does not do anything to make the leap from a medical drama on the big screen. Had Mr. Clooney but can only guess that he ends up in the Batman movie that nearly ruined the entire franchise. With Bat-nipples and with bad puns like a 80s Klamaukstreifen unfortunately, their own performance is not good.

And although he has visually fit and because of its charm very well the role of playing an internally dysfunctional personality as Bruce Wayne / Batman, was apparently in 1997, not his thing. Therefore, George Clooney is not available in the almost worst Batman in this ranking. It's nothing personal. We know that he is now one of the best actors in Hollywood.

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3. Christian Bale

batman-cast-the-dar-knight-christian-baleChristian Bale played Batman in the Dark Knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan.

Why only Christian Bale lands in almost all rankings of the best Batman actor so high? Granted, the Christopher Nolan movies have given the franchise to kick that it after the Batman & Robin debacle has desperately needed. However, his facial expression seemed always petrified. A Bruce Wayne could not be seen in his presentation truly. Earned much praise for his portrayal of Mime anyway. Finally, he gave a damn good Batman.

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2. Michael Keaton

batman-performer-michael-keaton-tim-burtonIn 1989, Michael Keaton slipped for the first time in the costume of the Black Knight.

Michael Keaton was the Burton Batman films a face. His acting performance, we thank that Batman has become gloomy, inwardly torn, superheroes again. The scenery of the films reflects this. Gotham is dingy, Gotham's dark and in every corner lurks a villain who wants to take on the bat.

While Keaton lacks the dazzling appearance and the natural charm of George Clooney, the character Bruce Wayne / Batman he can represent nevertheless skillfully. With Keaton as Batman actor got some Bodenständiges. yet he was not the best Batman ever. Unfortunately, he lacked the certain hardness that one associates with the superheroes in the bat costume.

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1. Ben Affleck

batman-performer-ben-affleck-batmanvsupermanBen Affleck is the new addition to Batman performers. In the movie &# 8220; Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice&# 8221; He embodied the Dark Knight

Matt Damon claimed in a recent interview that Batman is easy to play. This was a response to the negative comments for his role in the film Batman v Superman his buddy Ben Affleck: got Dawn of Justice. "It is fantastic. I know that there are a lot of people on the Internet that complain about. I think that's funny. He does not play King Lear. It's Batman! Batman just sits there, with his hood over his head and whispers in a very gruff voice to the people, "said Damon to the Indian newspaper" The Times of India ". What the countless Affleck's critics will probably say if Affleck is directing even with a Batman strips?

Whether the film "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" has succeeded you can argue about. The announcement about the fact that Ben Affleck will play the role of Batman, has certainly not worried for cheers. In the run. Ben Affleck has his cause that is damn well made. He brings the good looks we expect from Bruce Wayne. He was able to play the charming playboy. At the same time he represented a very dark and seething with rage Batman. Just turns to the man who had witnessed as a boy the murder of his beloved parents,. Kudos to Ben Affleck. We hope to see in future films from him.

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Outside the vote: Adam West

batman-performer-adam-westAdam West was not only the television Batman. He played the hero in the film &# 8220; Batman keeps the world in suspense&# 8221;

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Since Sheldon Cooper in "The Big Bang Theory" Penny cleared about the fact that Adam West was the television Batman, all know where we need to know the actor. The standard there should be a pilot actually. However, that was not necessary due to the great success. Therefore, the film "Batman keeps the world in suspense" until between Season 2 and Season 3 of the series shown.

What Adam West's Batman distinguished? In addition to serious cases, the comedic element thrilled the spectators. So for example it is extremely difficult to get rid of a bomb on some days and even sharks can not be get rid so quickly.

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