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Do you have a fit of laughter, it adds the tears in WhatsApp laughing smiley one. The Emoji is one of the most popular specimens that are sent daily by millions Messenger to friends. Our guide shows you whether and how you can send the smiley from WhatsApp Facebook and if there is a keyboard shortcut to paste the tears laughing smiley by code.

Tears laughing smiley: Code, Facebook, WhatsApp

The meaning of the smiley with tears is quite simple: The tears laughing smiley is always used when you need to cry with laughter. The Texan Candace Payne shed because of their joy at the Chewbacca mask some tears. Did your chat partner made a particularly funny joke, you are entered into a faux pas or do you just saw a very funny video, you can back tears laughing smiley WhatsApp post on Facebook also free. Special variants of emoji, you will also thanks to special Android and iOS keyboards.

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Tears laughing smiley: Is there a code for the key combination on the PC?

Tears laughing smileyMany wish to tears laughing Emoji easy to insert a key combination on Facebook. Unfortunately, there is no code with which you can easily accomplish this so.

But it would be ridiculous if you could not post without any particular character code into your social network to Smiley.

So you get your tear laughing smiley on Facebook

For example, although the characters for winking smiley &# 8220 ;;)&# 8221; or the devil &# 8220; 3 :)&# 8221; are automatically converted to Facebook in a smiley face, that's not the case for the tears laughing smiley unfortunately. We tell you how you can use Facebook in a message or your status free the laughing smiley:

  1. Gets WhatsApp on the PC and adds to tears laughing smiley in the message field.
  2. Do not click Submit but marks the smiley and copy the Emoji by pressing Ctrl + C or apple key + C on a Mac.web.whatsapp.smiley
  3. Facebook Opens the browser and adds there in your status box (or in your chat message) to tears laughing smiley by pressing Ctrl + V or Apple key + V.fb-tear Laughing Smiley
  4. Now you can already see in the preview, it worked. Click it to store or send the message from, the yellow smiley face shines with the tears on Facebook without that you had to enter a special code or a key combination.fb-tear-laughing-smiley2


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