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Amazon Echo can be used with Spotify &# 8211; so you can the smart speakers including Assistant Alexa associate with the popular music streaming service and example Play playlists or songs by voice command via the echo speaker. We explain what you have observed her doing and how linked their Amazon Echo with Spotify.

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The Amazon Echo speaker *Amazon Echo: connect Spotify and use - how it works is certainly one of the most exciting technology innovations in 2017 and a gadget with the potential to change everyday. Even now can link their many services or electronic devices with the appropriate skill and then controlled via voice command. This naturally includes the well-known music streaming provider Spotify, which you can also connect to Amazon Echo.

Tip: You can also connect via Bluetooth Amazon Echo with a speaker and so as Spotify transferred from your phone to another speaker.Start Photogallery(8 pictures)The most useful voice commands to Alexa

Amazon Echo: link Spotify and play playlists

To use Spotify on the Amazon Echo, you must find your Spotify account first with the loudspeakers or Assistant Alexa link. The easiest way it works with the Alexa app that ye can download for free for Android smartphones or your iPhone. Have you installed the app and ready, it performs the following steps:

Amazon Echo: connect Spotify and use - how it works


  1. Open the app and then taps the top left of the menu button.
  2. The action runs on the menu music and books
  3. then tap on Spotify.
  4. now selects the menu item Account link from.
  5. Now you have to register nor in Spotify by her eingebt the user name and password. Alternatively, you choose the option Log in with Facebook if you have created with the Facebook Spotify account.
  6. Finally you typed still OK.

Note that you can only each link a Spotify account with Amazon Echo. If you want to disconnect again, you simply select the Account option of Alexa separate from the above menu. To not always the voice command &# 8220; with Spotify&# 8221; having to say you should also Spotify to set as the default player in the corresponding menu. Power to do the following:

  1. Opens Alexa app.
  2. the option selected in the preferences settings for my music service adapted from.
  3. Selects the next window, under the menu item Favorite music source Spotify from.
  4. will tap Done.

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Amazon Echo: control Spotify &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

Have you linked to the Spotify account as described above with Amazon Echo, you can control the streaming service and listen to music by you give voice commands to the speaker. First you have to say (by default: Alexa) the activation word, then you can try it one of these commands:

command function
Games (title of the song) fromIs a song from Spotify again
Games (title of the song) by (name of the artist) fromIs a song by a particular artist again
Games playlist from SpotifyPlays a self-compiled playlist from
Quiet / LoudChanges the volume
StopStops the music playing

A complete overview of the commands with which you control Alexa, you will find echo in the article Amazon: voice commands to Alexa at a glance. Also, good to know: If you have the right equipment, you can echo the Amazon with Sonos speakers connect.


Amazon would of course like to press ahead with the echo speaker the company's own music service Amazon Music Unlimited. With this subscription you get access to about 40 million songs and can play them on the Echo. Because at the moment but still use a lot more people Spotify, Amazon, of course, has to use the popular streaming service on the Echo speakers also have the option.

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