MP4 to MP3: How to convert’s easy

MP4 is an Apple format. Among them can be movies, music or as summarize ringtones. Do you get those music files, you need a MP4 to MP3 Converter for playback in an MP3 player.

Although now some MP3 player or car CD players also support the MP4 format, but most of the standard format is still required MP3. Then you have problems even if you have purchased music from iTunes that you want to play on a non-Apple players. Fortunately, there are several ways to convert these files from MP4 to MP3.

On the subject for OS X users: m4a to mp3 on Mac (3 ways).

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MP4 to MP3: So will convert your MP4 to MP3 music to

The problem seems to be complicated at first glance: Apple sells his music in Apple format M4A. But an average music player from another company calls for MP3. So the question is: How I turn M4A (MP4) to MP3 files? Apple will not help because, you might say. Finally, their music sell so in this strange format. But far from it! Because right in iTunes you can convert MP4 to MP3. This costs a few mouse clicks.

itunes mp3 version CreateIn iTunes, convert M4A to MP3 is already installed
  • First, you open iTunes and go to your library.
  • There you looking for you album or files that are to be converted into the MP3 format and click the right mouse button.
  • In the subsequent menu only &# 8220; Create MP3 Version&# 8221; click and iTunes already get started.

The files are stored in the iTunes library. You can find them for example, Windows 7 under

C: \ Users \ your username \ Music \ iTunes \ iTunes Media

Important NOTE:

If iTunes does not see this option, it must first be activated. For this you proceed as follows:

  • The iTunes settings To edit &# 8211; settings open.
  • On General click, then down on import settings click.
  • After that, the MP3 codec under importing with choose.
  • Save the settings with OK



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