Why here straw lying around: meaning and background of the phrase

"Why here straw lying around?" Is a phrase that one as the Internet met very often on Facebook, YouTube and Co. - in recent years, the popular movement has developed almost become a meme. But why is because now actually straw rum? And whence is this saying? Here you learn it.

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In the sub-culture of social media meet a constantly proverbs or phrases whose meaning reveals itself immediately. Often it is in this Memes to inside jokes or phrases that assume that you know what the joke relates. The more annoying it is natural to read through the comments on Facebook or YouTube and found records that you do not understand. Many Internet users it goes like this with the phrase "Why here is straw rum?"

Why here straw lying around: meaning and background

Actually comes the saying "Why here is straw rum?" From a movie, but no normal film but a German porn video from 2002. Since concoction entitled "Achtzehneinhalb 18" know today probably very few, this is the dialogue so known. Some viewers at that time was well pleased with the mindless conversation so that he put the dialogue into the net. As is often the Internet, the clip was virally and the set quickly developed a huge reputation. 

The plot in the said scenes takes place approximately as follows:

  • A masked electrician to check a power box, enter a room in which the scantily clad lady of the house is located.
  • In a corner of the room is inexplicably a stack of straw bales. 
  • In response, the electrician, the clever question "Why ever is here around the straw?"
  • What the lady replied: "And why do you have a mask on?"
  • Then the electrician knows only one answer: "Well, then b&# 8230; me one. "
  • To ensure that everything is actually said, 'After this stimulating conversation, the two actors devote himself to the actual content of the film.

Ultimately, it is the question "Why here is straw rum?" A stopgap. We need dialogue in a porn movie, so is anything zusammenimprovisiert quickly, whether it makes sense in the case or not. The phrase "Why is here around the straw?" Has therefore become as Synonymous with a completely unnecessary, meaningful free discussion developed.

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Why here current is around? Movie quote becomes a viral hit

That the sentence thus gained a great reputation, of course, was not in sight. Also, the responsible director Nils Molitor appeared surprised later and confessed that he had dialogue cobbled together makeshift actually invented and off the cuff.

For his film, he hired an amateur actors for the role of the masked electrician. The masks had a good reason: The man wanted to be recognized under any circumstances by his colleagues. To embed the mask in the act Molitor invented the relatively mindless dialogue. His motto: "If the film is already trash, but then right." At least, so he has been successful in any case.

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