make laptop faster: How To quickly and easily

Laptops were previously only business people and high-tech crack, notebooks have become widespread. As with a normal PC to get when using a notebook at a point where the laptop is too slow. With some tricks and handles it is possible to speed up the laptop.

make laptop faster: How To quickly and easily

Of course, the easiest way to make the laptop faster upgrading such. For example, by the incorporation of a new processor or a graphics card. Since this method of laptop acceleration is associated with significant costs, should first apply some free tips to speed up the notebook. If you want to invest in a notebook, worth primarily the installation of an SSD hard drive.

accelerate SSD laptopWith an SSD hard drive can be accelerated enormously laptop

When using laptops in general that the ventilation should always be kept valid. Often it makes sense to the laptop yet to take a round of Facebook or the comfortable watching a film with the bed or on the sofa. If the notebook on the mattress, which is quite comfortable, but the air is covered by it. By the permanent concealing and dust accumulating on their ventilation performance of the laptop is reduced in the long run. The market has now reacted so that you can fall back on special laptop tables in this case.

accelerate Laptop: Delete old and unnecessary data

Another method by which a laptop can make faster, is the complete formatting the hard drive and a rebuild of the system. In this way, interfering applications and speed brakes are erased from the hard disk. Since in this case, however, the entire hard disk contents are deleted, including personal documents Scores of games and other private information is removed. Furthermore, the system must be set up again depending on the settings with more or less high durability. This method is only suitable for laptop owners who have made a backup of your data and also bring patience and motivation to set up the laptop from zero again.

speed up laptopFormatting the hard drive, a laptop can be accelerated

speed tools to laptop: Defragment and data cleansing

Who does not want to erase the entire hard drive contents and still want to get one or the other percent speed from his laptop, should remove at least unneeded programs and memory hogs. For this you call from the Windows Start menu, Control Panel, and opens there "Uninstall a program" menu. In the list that appears all programs are listed. Applications that gather dust for weeks on the hard disk and no longer be used, can be removed with a mouse click here. In addition, should the Windows Start menu "Accessories -> "Performed a data cleanup and defragmentation System Tools. The former removes data corpses from the hard drive that are no longer used. Defragmentation brings installed data in Reih' and member so that faster access is enabled. These two Windows-house solutions you have two free applications with which the laptop can make faster.

uninstall ProgamUninstall unnecessary programs to speed up the laptop

Who wants to do without tedious manual labor, should take a look at the tool TuneUp Utilities. TuneUp has various solutions in order to speed up the laptop for. For example, by an extensive resource analysis or disk cleaning. Even the CCleaner is a proven solution to free the laptop of garbage and thus get more speed out of the notebook. With these measures, we can make all systems and even Windows 8 and Windows 7 faster.

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