Samsung account: Forgot your password

When setting up a new Samsung smartphone, you can sign up a Samsung account in addition to the Google account that is z. can refer as new apps. But what can you do if you have a new device and has the password for your Samsung account Forgot?

If you want a smartphone or tablet At length from the home of the South Korean manufacturer is asked when setting up the device to to log in or next to the Google account with a Samsung account to create the same. This call should also provide a result, as is to your full disposal with a Samsung account, access to the entire ecosystem of the manufacturer with its benefits, services and features. Among other things, thus the Samsung's own app store "Galaxy Apps" trial subscriptions to "GALAXY Gifts" and use much more. Also, the use of Samsung's proprietary cloud service for data backup is only possible with a personal account.

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In addition, can be made with a Samsung account of the positioning function "Find My Mobile" use, should be lost using their own phone or tablet or you have not been a victim of theft. If the device is connected to the Internet, you can locate it so easy. In addition, Samsung provides all users with a Samsung account to access a variety of multimedia content such as music through the Music Hub or books and magazines.

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Samsung account: What does the login?

If you buy a smartphone or tablet made by the South Korean manufacturer, in setting up an existing Samsung account can be used. With the Samsung Access you have access to many important and useful features from the ecosystem of the manufacturer. Among other things, as has access to "GALAXY Gifts", the app store "Galaxy Apps" or trial subscriptions of the manufacturer. The use of the cloud service from Samsung is possible with the account.


Another important function of the Samsung account, is the positioning function "Find My Mobile". This makes it possible to allow locate a lost or stolen phone from Samsung - a prerequisite here, however, is that the device has not been reset and is connected to the Internet. Last, but not least, can be accessed with the Samsung account on numerous multimedia content such as music via the "Music Hub" as well as books and magazines in digital format.

Samsung account: Forgot your password &# 8211; so you can reset it

Often, the Samsung password must be entered only when ordering. Therefore, it often happens that one has forgotten his ID or its password. So you can recover a lost password:

For Samsung account*

  1. Samsung account password forgottenFirst opens the website of Samsung service and content. In the upper right corner there is a login window. Clicking over there on the underneath option &find your e-mail address (Samsung ID) or password; # 8220&# 8221 ;.
  2. Then you get into the account range from Samsung. Changes now to the tab "Forgot Password" and cast your SamsungID (the email address used) as well as the security code from the photo below one.
  3. Confirmed your entries by clicking on the button &Confirm; # 8220&# 8221 ;.
  4. In a few minutes you will receive an e-mail to the address indicated. Checks besides, also the spam folder of your email mailbox. Finally follows the link contained in the mail and puts a new password.
  5. Finished! Now an application in the Samsung account is no problem again and the use of the many Samsung services, nothing stands in the way.

Tip: The safest place for keeping your password is of course your memory. However gets a safe combination that was known to consist of numbers, letters and special characters, quickly forgotten. That is why we have put together some useful tips and tricks for creating and remembering a strong password for you.


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