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During Windows 10 installation the operating system tries to automatically create a Microsoft account or log you into an existing online account. We show we installed its Windows 10 without Microsoft account, and only with a local user account.

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As you install Windows 10, you are choosing Windows also continue without online account. However, this option is easy to miss. It should not matter whether you have chosen the Express settings or have adjusted each setting itself.

Anyone who has Windows 10 already installed with Microsoft account here as the Microsoft account reads later in a local account changes.

Install Windows 10 without Microsoft account - Here&# 8217; s

During the installation process, Windows 10 the question: Who owns this PC? After your reply window, where you can also install without Microsoft account appears further:

  1. Its window has the headline all-Hers! and displays a login screen for username and password.
  2. Clicks instead the bottom left of the lettering Skip this step.
  3. A white surface opens in which you can enter your data for a local Windows account.

Your local account in Windows is then called, as you have mentioned it to Nickname.

During the installation of Windows 10, you can also skip the registration at the Microsoft account.During the installation of Windows 10, you can also skip the registration at the Microsoft account.

The Windows 10 Start menu, compared to Windows 7 and 8

Start Photogallery(5 pictures)install the .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 10

Windows 10 without Microsoft account: separate Internet connection

Alternatively, you can during the Windows 10 installation simply your Internet connection separate from the PC. To do this you off either temporarily or your wireless pulling the network cable from the PC:

  • Windows 10 then reports during installation that no logging on to Microsoft account could take place.
  • Click then just continue to skip the step.
  • You come back to the local user account setup.
  • Give a name and password of the Windows account. Confirmed with Next.

After the installation is complete and Windows 10 is started, you can then re-connect the network cable or turn Wi-Fi back.

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