Thunderbird: Multiple profiles Create & amp; use – Here’s

Actually, it is set up no problem multiple emails addresses as a Thunderbird profile, but whoever example, shares his computer with his life partner, or simply want to separate the email addresses for work and private from each other, in Thunderbird can also multiple profiles invest. In this guide we show you how to do it.

Thunderbird: Multiple profiles Create & amp; use - Here's

Thunderbird can create multiple profiles for various reasons be useful. So you can switch to a PC or to summarize specific email addresses and appropriate settings under a concept between different users. Also useful if you want to keep the same profile with another system in sync. So you can for example create a working profile, which you can also use privately on the lending your work computer at home, without the private e-mail addresses are also available on the working computer.

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Thunderbird: Create multiple profiles

So far, the function is to create multiple profiles and use still hidden in Thunderbird. To create another profile, you must do the following:

  1. If Thunderbird is running, you have to finish it first.
  2. Now press Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog box.
    Thunderbird profiles Run dialog
  3. Give here are the following: thunderbird.exe -ProfileManager and presses Enter.
  4. Now the profile manager of Thunderbird should open.
    Create Thunderbird profiles
  5. Here you can now create your profile by clicking&# 8230; Create another profile. rename profile with the button&# 8230; can give her the currently selected profile a more appropriate name.
  6. Removes even use the hook by Selected profile on startup without prompting, that you may be asked at the start of Thunderbird, which profile want to use it.

Thunderbird &# 8211; switch between profiles

Since the support of multiple profiles is very rudimentary remains under Thunderbird yet, you need to know to help themselves. Below, we present you two ways to deal more easily with various Thunderbird profiles.

Creating direct links

In order not to have to choose before each start Thunderbird, which profile want to use it, you can also easily create direct links to your profiles. So you can start right with the right profile you Thunderbird. To create a direct link, it goes as follows:

  1. Thunderbird profiles linkInserts as many shortcuts in Thunderbird as their profiles have, and renames it accordingly.
  2. Right-click on the shortcut and calls the properties.
  3. In the Properties window you will find under the point target, the file path to thunderbird.exe.
  4. Click hinert in the input field and give &# 8220;&# 8230; \ thunderbird.exe&# 8221; now the following: -p Profile Name, wherein its course replaces the word profile name with the name of the profile.
  5. Click on the button OK. If you Thunderbird now starts from this shortcut, you should be immediately in the respective profile.


Thunderbird Add-on Profile Switcher

One way back between the profiles and herzuwechseln provides the add-on Profile Switcher. If you have installed the Thunderbird add-on that you see in the lower right corner, which profile is currently used.

Thunderbird Profile Switcher

If you go by right-clicking on the profile name, you can under a different profile invite select which have invested their one of the other profiles. If you selects a different profile, Thunderbird restarts in the respective profile.

It should be noted that Profile Switcher will be installed for the respective profile. So you have to install it also for each new profile.

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