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The price of Office 2016 is now clear after Microsoft releases the Office package on 22 September. Who will look around the Internet find that there the price of Office 2016 is partly right, well below the official price of Microsoft. We show you where your Office 2016 for Windows *Office 2016: Price of the various editions at a glanceyou can buy the cheapest.

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Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student*Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business*

Update from 9.30 in 2015

Office 2016 is now over a week there and in the meantime the prices that you have to pay for the version of the Office suite of Microsoft stabilize. Overall, the cost to move in similar dimensions, as speculated a few weeks ago &# 8211; for a brand new copy of Office 2016 Home and Business, you pay &# 8211; depending on the seller's something more than 200, - Euro. As might be expected, sells Microsoft Office 2016 official store slightly more expensive &# 8211; so you should look around you definitely alternatives on the Internet. In the next section you will find some tips to. Also read how their Office 2016 can test for free.

Buy Office 2016 to 5 reasons that speak for

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Prices for Office 2016 in the overview

The most expensive Office 2016 directly from Microsoft. There, you pay the following prices:

  • Office 2016 Home and Student: 149.00, - EUR
  • Office 2016 Home and Business: 279, - Euro

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Slightly cheaper is Office 2016 on Amazon: Here you pay 136, - € for Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student *Office 2016: Price of the various editions at a glance and 236, - Euro for Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business *Office 2016: Price of the various editions at a glance &# 8211; especially in the Business Edition, the Amazon deal is worthwhile. If you look up beyond the Internet, some still find cheaper offers. Here is a small selection:

  • Office 2016 Home and Student for 119, - Euro
  • Office 2016 Home and Student for 120, - Euro
  • Office 2016 Home and Business for 207, - Euro
  • Office 2016 Home and Student for 213, - Euro

In addition, it is recommended from time to time on eBay for any auctions out. Since the release of Office 2016 we have there as already the Office 2016 Home and Business Edition for around 170, - Euro seen in the emergency department. Maybe you want Office 2016 as well as part of an Office 365 subscription Buy &# 8211; in this case will show you the following article summarizes the various plans: Office 365 &# 8211; All plans and costs compared. In addition, you will find a comparison of the different versions of Office 2016 with us.


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Office 2016: Price and editions of Office package for Windows

Although the release of Office 2016 for Windows *Office 2016: Price of the various editions at a glancefast approaching, Microsoft has continued so far covered when it comes to the cost of the various editions of Office 2016th That does not mean that there is no information about how high the price for Office 2016 will ultimately fail. The office suite is now already listed on some dealer sites on the Internet as a pre-order, so you already can figure about now, how much you have to spend for the latest version of the Office suite.

Office 2016: Download Preview and test advance

In addition, the listings provide information as to which editions are appearing Office 2016th Accordingly, it is intended as with the predecessors of another Office Home and Student as well as Office Home and Business give. Read on to find out the expected prices for the editions. On current developments and changes we will keep you of course to date.

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Office 2016 &# 8211; Estimated price

The online shop Future-X leads both versions of Office 2016 in its program. Here are the prices:

  • Office Home and Student: 129.89, -Euro
  • Office Home and Business: 229.89, - EUR

In addition, the release date of Office 2016 for Windows *Office 2016: Price of the various editions at a glanceindicated on the side with the 29.9.2015. This information must however be treated with caution: On schedule changes sellers have no control and it may be that the 09.29.2015 is just a placeholder for the latest possible release date. In this respect it is also quite possible that Office 2016 already appears for a few days or weeks earlier.

Office 2016: Release Date and Features at a Glance

The sides and Meddax distribution run Office 2016 already in the program. Prices range here in similar regions:

  • Office Home and Student: 131.90, - EUR (Innova) and 139.95, - EUR (Medaxx)
  • Office Home and Business: 232.98, - EUR (Innova) and 242.76, - EUR (Medaxx)

The dealer list other than the price concrete EAN codes and manufacturer numbers on &# 8211; insofar as it can be assumed that it is accurate information that comes directly from authorized Microsoft distributors. Unfortunately, this but that Microsoft has announced prices for its Office package a little raised is also clear. But they do have the ability to Office 2016 -with limitations &# 8211; free to use.

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Windows upgrade 10 free*

use free Office 2016 &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s

While the package versions are a little more expensive than the predecessor of Office 2016, Microsoft offers its customers this time the opportunity to use Office for free &# 8211; but not the full version, but a scaled-based version of the Office suite.

  • Free you can use Office 2016 on mobile devices that have a screen size of up to 10.1 inches.
  • is also free Windows 10 *Office 2016: Price of the various editions at a glance-Version of Office 2016 &# 8211; here too, the above restrictions.
  • In a post on the official blog Office Kirk Koenigsbauer, deputy head of the Office 365 division of Microsoft explains the reasons:
  • With the free version Microsoft wants to make more people with the innovations of Microsoft trusts and encourage them to eventually upgrade to the full version.
  • Interesting is the free version mainly because Office is designed for cross-platform compatibility 2016th
  • Users and teams can use the programs of the Office suite via various devices simultaneously &# 8211; with the free version eliminates the need for an extra version of Office 2016 to purchase for mobile devices.

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With the free version, all features can not be used by Office. The main functions (viewed and edit documents with basic functions) but are freely accessible. If additional features required, they can be added later book, for example, a subscription to Office 365. So you not only get additional features for Office applications: There is 1 terabyte *Office 2016: Price of the various editions at a glance Microsoft's OneDrive service and 60 free minutes for worldwide calls with Skype.

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