read iOS backups on Mac or PC – iBackup Viewer Tip:

The free tool &# 8220; iBackup Viewer&# 8221; enables the readout of the performed with iTunes iPhone backups on Mac and Windows computers.

read iOS backups on Mac or PC - iBackup Viewer Tip:

While backups are now largely performed using online services - Apple devices use the iCloud - still a local backup on the computer can never hurt. On the one hand, so as well as larger amounts of data can be backed up without having to pay for additional storage in the network, and secondly, because there are several useful programs that can work with locally created backups only.

This includes the free tool &# 8220;iBackup Viewer&# 8220 ;. While it here not about the prettiest application on the network, but can prove to be extremely useful in several situations. The piece of software scans the most recently performed backup and evaluates them, then you can see outside of the iPhone's own data as well. The following functions are available:

  • contacts are shown.
  • Of the telephone History can be viewed and (in the form of various formats TXT & be CSV) stored or printed directly.
  • Of the News History can be considered - but sending texts is not possible.
  • notes are shown.
  • voice memos can be heard.
  • The application displays visited Web pages and bookmarks - the latter can be imported into Safari.
  • Saved photos are shown.
  • installed Apps are listed.
  • &# 8220;Raw Data&# 8221; is displayed.

In the free version of the program only unencrypted backups can be opened. For 37.73 euro Additional cost, there is the full range of functions, so that encrypted backups are not a problem. Since the last published version 2.20, the application is available for Windows and Mac available and also comes with iOS 7 files easily cope.

  • Download Backup Viewer for Windows
  • Download Backup Viewer for Mac

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