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Home / browser / Remove Amisites – so you will release the browser adware is a false search engine that embeds itself in your browser as the default and records user information. We show you how you will back the malicious software off.

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What's Amisites?

  • Amisites or is a false search engine on the Internet that claims to improve the user experience through better search results.
  • However, you will be redirected to Google when you search something with Amisites. Amisites itself is therefore not a search engine, but records user information. This makes it very useless and can be called adware.
  • In some cases it can also lead to redirects to other websites.
Amisites simply redirects to Google.Amisites simply redirects to Google.

Why is Amisites installed in the browser?

  • Amisites is installed by (corrupt) Installer and carelessness of the user automatically with other software.
  • This causes the default settings of the installed browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer) as &# 8220; New Tab&# 8221; replaced or the set search engine.

So how can you remove Amisites?

Remove Amisites

followed all of the following, Amisites to completely remove:

uninstall Amisites in Control Panel

  1. Opens sort in the Control Panel, the list of installed programs and let them by date, see: Windows 10, 7, 8: uninstall programs.
  2. Looking for &# 8220; start window&# 8221; (Even &Amisites; # 8220&# 8221;) and selects the entry.
  3. Click on the button above Uninstall.

perform AdwCleaner scan

AdwCleaner remove unwanted toolbars and adjusted the settings of your browser:

  1. Invite you the free AdwCleaner Tool and start it.
  2. Performs a scan of the system, as shown in our pictures section and the top of the video.
  3. Starts Windows afterwards if necessary.
Start Photogallery(6 images)delete AdwCleaner adware from your computer - Instructions

adjust page and default search engine

Amisites replaced your default Web page or the default search engine. In the following article you learn how you change the Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer again:

  • Make Google your homepage
  • Firefox: Set search engine
  • Internet Explorer: Change search engine

Check browser Verküpfungen

Under certain circumstances, Amisites posted in the browser shortcut that you use to open the browser. Checks the following:

  1. Click with the right mouse button on the browser shortcut / browser icon.
  2. Selects the properties and click in the Target line.
  3. Now the button pressed end on your keyboard to indicate the end of the line. The button is located above the arrow keys.

    That must get out of here, so the Chrome browser will not start with the Amisites website.That must get out of here, so the Chrome browser will not start with the Amisites website.

  4. See if you can find the address of the website Amisites there and removes this part, if any.
  5. Confirmed with OK.