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As usual, it controls in the first-person shooter Doom a soldier who has to carry hellish creatures to the beyond, to stop the darkness. Here you get to the hand in the current part of the series of 2016, numerous weapons and are allowed, for example enemies with explosive barrels to kill. By the way you collect still a success for Doom, which we present to you in this guide.

The new Doom 2016 not only looks good, it reminds not have seen all too often us at a time when the player FPS. All the better, it is now to see the cult classic in a new guise. Of course, the features remain, the Doom made until this cult shooter. Do you want to convince what content will provide Doom to you already, look here successes to betray the first steps on the gameplay of the horror shooter.

Look here our one-hour single-player preview of Doom:

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Doom: Trophies and Achievements for the FPS

Also in Doom 2016 you play a soldier of the Space Marines, who would like to correct the failed experiment again. It is a Project on teleport technology, now stupidly dismisses creatures from hell to the research base. So get ready for the fourth time to destroy the darkness, and their offspring.

Pre Doom (2016) now*

With the 2016er version of Doom soon is a graphically brilliant work in the trade. Much attention was also on the Multiplayer down to be run at constant 60 fps. The mode also integrates not only the usual speed of the gameplay, but a gimmick called SnapMap. This Doom Extra refers you to one and ensures that their own levels and games can create. then if you want to share these maps with your friends or the whole world chooses.

Sends the hellish creatures back to hell.Sends the hellish creatures back to hell.

These are the successes and trophies of Doom

For the Creating Doom SnapMaps receive their successes. So you also get the trophies, if you kill a certain number of enemies with different weapons types. You can also download the infamous BFG, the you can find in the game. Here, too, you get an achievement.

Editions and pre-order bonuses of Doom in detail

Overall, you can check out in Doom 34 Achievements and Trophies grab. Also a coveted Platinum Trophy is in. Do you play Doom on the Xbox, could you 33 Achievements gravy train.

doom-successes-makes-myYour power is my-platinum
Earn all the trophies.
doom-successes-knee-deepKnee-deep in corpses gamerscore-100gold
Defeat the Cyberdemon.
doom-successes-idkfaIDFKAgamer core 50gold
Earn the championship for all weapons mods.
doom-successes-overclockedOverclockedgamer core 50gold
Achieved the maximum in all categories of Prätorenanzugs in a campaign.
Improves all runes.
doom-successes-was-allWas that all?gamerscore-35agold
Closes all mission challenges from within a campaign run.
doom-successes-shooting-diesShooting until it diesgamerscore-25silver
Defeat the Cyberdemon.
doom-successes-under-paid ProblemOutnumbered? No problem!gamerscore-25silver
Defeat the hell guard.
doom-successes-is-nextWho's next?gamerscore-25silver
Defeat the Arachnohirn.
doom-successes-flash alternatelyBlitzwechselsystemegamerscore-30silver
Get your all weapons mods.
doom-successes of next-restaurants et-At close rangegamerscore-25silver
Kill 50 enemies with the chainsaw.
doom-successes-angleIn any anglegamerscore-30silver
Finds all collectibles.
doom-successes-more-argentArgent, Argent moregamerscore-30silver
Achieves maximum health, armor and ammo in a campaign.
doom-successes-circleClosing the circlegamerscore-30silver
Deserves all the runes.
doom-successes-bastlerhobbyistsgamer core 15silver
Achieved the maximum of Prätorenanzugs in a category.
doom-successes-thoroughnessThoroughness must begamer core 20silver
Completes all challenges of a mission.
doom-successes-zerfetzeTearing and shreddinggamer core 20silver
Turns any ordinary opponent type in the campaign by Glory Kill.
doom-successes-turnedFull blastgamer core 50silver
Kill 150 enemies with amplifiers.
Includes the first mission from the campaign.
doom-successes-unknownInto the unknowngamer core 15bronze
Jumps into hell.
doom-successes-madnessA short burst of madnessgamer core 10bronze
closes &# 8220; The UAC&# 8221; on &# 8220; Ultra-nightmare&# 8221; from.
doom-successes-specialistspecialistgamer core 20bronze
Earn the championship for a weapon mod.
doom-successes-history researcherhistoriansgamerscore-25bronze
Finds all data protocols.
doom-successes-timingTiming is everythinggamer core 15bronze
Kill 100 enemies with explosive barrels.
doom-successes-to-many-argentToo much Argentgamer core 15
Improve your health, armor or ammunition
doom-successes-giftA gift from the beyondgamer core 15bronze
Deserves a rune.
doom-successes-schla realbutchergamer core 50bronze
Achieved 200 Glory Kills.
doom-successes-pulse offsetpulse shiftgamerscore-25bronze
Improves a rune.
doom-successes-ipxsetupIPXSETUP.EXEgamer core 15bronze
Wins in a multiplayer game.
doom-successes-doomtyp-testedtested and approved by Doomtypgamerscore-30bronze
Reach level 5 in multiplayer mode.
doom-successes-girlfriendAn old friendgamerscore-30bronze
Get your BFG.
doom-successes-sharewareSharewaregamer core 10bronze
Created and published a SnapMap.
doom-successes-sleepI can sleep when I'm deadgamer core 20bronze
Plays Published 5 SnapMaps.
doom-successes-accessibleAccessiblegamer core 20bronze
Completes the basic and the advanced-Turorial for SnapMap.

Read on us 5 reasons why we look forward to the new Doom.

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