Today Tutti Frutti live stream: Turn Fruity 90s revival in TV

Germany's first erotic game show had something exciting in the 90s revolutionary. If Sunday night Hugo Egon Balder was seen with the legendary Cin-Cin Ballet in fruit costumes on TV, the attention was rather less the complicated rules of the game, rather than the half-naked fruits. now brings RTL Nitro the show back on TV. We reveal who is the moderator, play what fruits and as you can see in the stream and TV Tutti Frutti.

Having already cult classics like Ruck Zuck, families duel and Glüksrad celebrate RTLplus their revival, today is also the Sunday-night show &# 8220; Tutti Frutti&# 8221; back to German television. You can simply turn on your TV and the show on free TV to see or get you the tutti-frutti live stream directly on your PC or your mobile device such as smartphone or tablet. For that ask you streaming providers such Magine TV or TV movie live different TV packages to choose from, which you can test usually free.

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So you can follow the TV program by Magine stream:

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Tutti Frutti edition 2016: presenter and information about the show

Earlier Hugo Egon Balder excelled as a moderator of Tutti Frutti, for the new version, however, he is not available. Nevertheless, the new Moderator retro show flair brings back to television: None other than the former "Go the whole hog!" - Host Jörg Draeger will guide you through the program. The now 70-year-old has collected, among other things on his show with the Zonk enough experience to revive the charm of the 90s again. Instead of the former assistant Monique Sluyter is the TV veteran with actor Alexander Wipprecht a co-host for Tutti Frutti 2016 aside. Hugo Egon Balder to comment on Einspielern the last highlights of Tutti Frutti. In November of this year was filming began for Tutti Frutti in Berlin.

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And this is what the good-humored fruits in Tutti Frutti 2016 on the side of Alexander Wipprecht and Jörg Draeger from:

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In fact, it was on the show games like a slot machine and roulette. The aim of the candidates it was here to earn points and countries it into the single ladies - to invest uh fruit. Additional points were natural when bare skin was shown. With so much sensory overload, it was probably necessary to put the ladies in colored fruit costumes to ensure that the candidates and audience, the ladies can easily remember.

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Then Tutti Frutti show running in the stream and TV

The pilot episode of Tutti Frutti can you today, 30th of December Turn on TV and via live stream. Then RTL Nitro will present the classic reinvented. The half-naked ladies there is to see an hour later, the charisma of the Tutti Frutti comebacks for 22:05 planned. First, only one show in Berlin was recorded - when the revival is successful, Tutti Frutti could be continued.

Today Tutti-Frutti live stream Switch: How to&# 8217; s

Will you take a look on the road or does not have a television, you see Tutti Frutti in the live stream. With these providers you can get to your terminal, the Erotic Show:

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With the right app you have the streaming media on your smartphone and need not have to navigate complicated about the websites. Here you come directly to Magine TV app:

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Tutti Frutti Strawberry and Co .: These fruits do you see in TV and live stream

The fruit salad is served. Earlier, the strawberry, the best known of the Tutti Frutti fruit was. Model and actress Elke Jeinsen (born in Sweden) in 1986 only second in the Miss Germany, then Playmate of the Month in October and in the Cin-Cin Ballet she landed the role of red collective nut fruit.

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But their successors in RTL revival can be seen: Annetta negare (Playmate November 2014) from Cham was formerly rhythmic gymnast and embodies the Cherry in Tutti Frutti. Lea is the new idol tangerine, Daria Eppert (Playmate November 2009) is the yellow lemon Costume carry. What fruits there at all? In Tutti Frutti you see:

  • Strawberry: Giuliana (September BILD Girl 2016)
  • Lemon: Daria Eppert (Miss November 2009)
  • Mandarin: Lea Götz (Miss November 2016)
  • Blueberry: Victoria Paschold (Miss November 2013)
  • Kiwi: Jennifer Martin (Miss October 2009)
  • Cherry: Annetta negare (Miss November 2014)

When the shells fall, there are nipple pads for the ladies, because after all it is an erotic show in the evening and the makers want to barter for any trouble. Whether the concept arrives, you will see on December 30 at Tutti Frutti on RTL Nitro.

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Tutti Frutti RTL Nitro: The Games

Surrounded by a variety recaps two candidates are also in the Neuafulage in different games against each other. In the following categories, participants measure:

  • Roulette: Classically, the candidates put on black or red and can earn points at Tutti Frutti.
  • Quiz: Each five questions waiting for the candidates. Who buzzert first and answers correctly gets the coveted points.
  • Countries guess: Here the candidates have to guess countries outlines.
  • Slot Machine: After the candidate has chosen a fruit of Cin-Cin-ballet, he may press the slot machine at Tutti Frutti. Appear the same fruit, the candidate sags points.
  • Dice: dice are rolled three times - the candidate with the most dice show the same eyes numbers wins.
  • High and Low: Candidates must decide whether the value of five consecutively inverted playing cards &# 8220; up&# 8221; or &# 8220; lower&# 8221; are as the foregoing.
  • Taste Test: Candidates arrange food to the countries of origin to earn points at Tutti Frutti.


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