Send YouTube videos via WhatsApp: How to

You can send with WhatsApp YouTube videos and share in this way and moving content with friends and acquaintances. So far, it still needs the YouTube app, but soon you can watch the clip directly in the Messenger ship. We show you what you need to send with WhatsApp YouTube videos.

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WhatsApp offers many opportunities to communicate in addition to text chats. In addition to photos, GIFs and voice messages especially YouTube videos are often sent back and forth. Until now, you needed next WhatsApp nor the YouTube app that lets you then divides the video. This method works continue, soon to be but probably can look directly into the WhatsApp YouTube videos.

WhatsApp Videos on YoutubeYouTube videos can become quite simply send them via WhatsApp.Start Photogallery(5 pictures)recall WhatsApp message: Instructions

Send YouTube videos via WhatsApp: Two paths to the goal

If you want to send with YouTube content WhatsApp, you have two possibilities:

  1. You invite her to you the entire clip on your mobile device down and sent the video then through Messenger.
  2. Your only sent the link to the video &# 8211; the recipient opens the video after themselves.

Option 2 is generally to be preferred: Downloading YouTube videos is legally problematic because you have to observe the possible rights of third parties, as well as the sending of videos loaded the mobile data volume. In addition, the images are compressed, by which the quality suffers. Simple the whole thing is a Link to the video &# 8211; meanwhile a preview image is automatically displayed so that this method is quite comfortable for the recipient.

See YouTube video directly in Messenger

Soon, a new WhatsApp- will probably come feature where you can watch the videos directly in the Messenger. How WABetaInfo has found the function is already in the current WhatsApp beta version for iOS. Instead of being as before to the YouTube app when you click the link to the video to WhatsApp, you can then choose out the video in a small window within the Messengers. You can then therefore at the same time watch the video and read new messages and write.

Send YouTube clips via a link with WhatsApp &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

To send videos via a link in the WhatsApp Messenger, you need the YouTube app for Android or iOS &# 8211; you no matter what operating system you run on your mobile device, the process does not differ fundamentally. Here's how it works:

whatsapp-video-share-youtube-teilen_4 whatsapp-video-share-youtube-teilen_5 whatsapp-video-share-youtube-teilen_1 whatsapp-video-share-youtube-teilen_2
  1. Calls on the video and tap on the Share button in the upper right (right arrow).
  2. Subsequently, various services that the video can be shared appear. Here WhatsApp is of course the application of our choice.
  3. Then you will be redirected to the contact selection &# 8211; typed to a contact and confirm that you want to share the video with him.
  4. As a shared video looks, you can see on the last screenshot above involved.

WhatsApp: Download YouTube videos and send directly - Ist actually legal?

While it is a little complicated, just download the YouTube video and then send &# 8211; it is nonetheless. For this we should, rely on desktop applications due to the use and the fact that no such apps in the Play Store to find. The over WhatsApp to be shipped YouTube video you then copies a file manager on the smartphone. After that you choose the paper clip the top right of a conversation and look for the corresponding video on the Android smartphone.
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