The Sims FreePlay: cheats, tips and tricks for iOS and Android

With The Sims Free Game, or The Sims FreePlay Electronic Arts gives us a new representative from the Sims series of free games on Android and iOS devices. As usual with Free 2 Play games, the game by various game elements will, for the need to access it in the bag, limited. So that the game still does not fall by the wayside, there are some The Sims: FreePlay cheats, tips and tricks.

The Sims FreePlay: cheats, tips and tricks for iOS and Android

In The Sims Free Play for Android and iPhone you can build up to 16 characters and can, as with the major PC model, run the virtual life according to your wishes.

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What The Sims FreePlay Cheats are there?

The first point to say that Electronic Arts has included no cheats in The Sims Free Play for Android or iPhone. The fastest success you get still through in app purchases. EA not intersect in the foot and is therefore not The Sims FreePlay Cheats for infinitely provide a lot of money or the automatic charging of needs. Until recently, there was a glitch with the you could get unlimited lifestyle points for The Sims FreePlay. Also this The Sims FreePlay cheat but now eliminated.

As known from the main game for the PC, you should pay regularly to the needs of your Sims in The Sims FreePlay, so that they effectively behave. Send your Sims therefore immediately to the bathroom when the urge to urinate into the red comes in a shower when the sanitary wears off to bed for more energy and makes for a bit of fun to keep the entertainment level in the green. Together you are less alone, therefore, you should ensure that your Sims behave socially and meet regularly to other characters. Even if the individual needs are time-consuming, you should not neglect your Sim.

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The Sims FreePlay: cheats, tips and tricks for more money and responsibilities

If you want to quickly get money directly to the game begins, sold off initially purchased items from your home that you do not need anyway, or you do not like. Buy some at the beginning of the game a house of your choice, preferably the villa. Here, you should not use your lifestyle points for buying a home as prices remain here even later in the game on the same level.

Sims-free-game-tipsWith our tips and tricks for The Sims FreePlay you come quickly to money and experience points

In order to start in The Sims FreePlay money to have mass, it sells all items that you do not like or that initially does not need her. With this The Sims FreePlay trick you have already at the beginning of sufficient capital to design the Sims house according to your wishes and to buy items that make you and your Sims happy. In addition, you should just at the beginning of the game selling expensive inventory and you buy it cheap, but more useful items. Finally, you shall just at the beginning of The Sims FreePlay not have to turn over every simoleon hard-earned three times.

So you come quickly to money in The Sims FreePlay

More Simoleons granted from the fulfillment of certain tasks and with the field work. Although costs the fieldwork your Sim more energy so that it is tired by the day, is it you get for The Sims FreePlay more money as in an ordinary job. If you your Sim too good for the work on the field, let the Sim a career as a politician strike at City Hall. Here your virtual ego can already improve his skills 10 minutes, while other job strands devour several hours for the optimization of skills.

Making tasks in The Sims FreePlay: The Thai Chi session

Especially with the completing quests can be a lot of money in The Sims FreePlay on Android and iOS. so do not let your Task Scheduler from the eyes and send your Sim to the doing and making money, whenever possible.

Are you getting a task waits until it has been fully explained in the screen. Finally you tasks and objectives are presented here and clarified open questions in advance. Questions about specific The Sims FreePlay tasks you can feel free to leave in the comments.

the "Thai Chi session" option appears in your task list, you make with your Sim a trip to the park. There you will select your character and can the task "Thai Chi session" fulfill.

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Other tips for The Sims FreePlay: Simoleons by pets

Have you bought yourself a pet in The Sims FreePlay, which does not provide unnecessary spending. Pets are also a great way to make money in The Sims FreePlay. After you have gained you a dog, you wait until it starts digging. As befits a good dog, this undermines not in vain, but will regularly Simoleons and XP points for The Sims FreePlay (Android, iPhone). A good tip for The Sims FreePlay to keep his pets always in mind is thus.

The Sims FreePlay Cheats: More gain experience (Android, iPhone)

Even more experience you can collect by her abstattet the local shops regularly visiting. First, you should shop hobby shop envisaged. There are numerous items that bring you more experience points in exchange for Simoleons find. Also for the career of your Sims various things for shopping are available in stores. Ye have this hold, your Sim can usually work quickly to his abilities.

The bring the individual shops in The Sims FreePlay

car dealercarsJaunts for XP
Hobby shopExercise articlesoptimize Career Skills
SupermarketIngredients for cake and seeds10% effective
pet shopdogsvarious Pets
parkGrilling, playing chess, talking, toiletsatisfy needs

The Sims FreePlay Cheats &# 8211; So you can cheat

Have you missed an important task or about lost time for the next "Thai Chi session" out of sight, you can a small The Sims FreePlay Cheat use: Enables to the airplane mode of your device and provides the time of your smartphone to a past time. Disable the airplane mode and starts The Sims FreePlay again. Now, the app uses for the playing time to the new time.


Download The Sims Free Play for free for Android and iPhone / iPad

The Sims FreePlay is available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The only thing you have to invest in the game is time. Do you want to speed up your game success, above The Sims FreePlay internalized tips and tricks. In addition, you can your happiness through in app purchases help out and so your Sim quickly lead to success.
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