Facebook: block games inquiries – Here’s

There, one is happy that there is a new message on Facebook, is only there: "Klaus sends you a life of Diamond Digger Saga" or "Holger has invited you to Candy Crush Saga." These and other questions often land as a message on Facebook and nerves non-player regularly. If you invest five minutes, can be games in Facebook and thus block off annoying requests.

Facebook: block games inquiries - Here's

The setting for the blocking of Facebook games reached her about your profile.

candy-crush-request-games-facebookThe bone of contention: Games requests in Facebook

Facebook: Games block: How

Log in with your profile with your password and user name and opens the settings for the "Notifications" This is achieved through the settings with the arrow In the right upper corner. one is even in the "Notifications", you will find individual settings for messages that get you from Facebook system here. Do you want the annoying Games inquiries turn off once and for alln, look at the sub-heading "What you get notifications" feature "application requests and activities" on. Click on "Edit". Removes here the hook for the games and applications that you want to receive any information and messages.

  1. Log in to Facebook
  2. Call settings right arrow above
  3. select "Notifications" from the menu bar on the left
  4. Turn off notifications for individual games

Gallery Facebook games inquiries

  • (Figure 1.5):
  • (Figure 5.2):
  • (Figure 5.3):
  • (Figure 4.5):
  • (Figure 5.5):

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Facebook: completely block games inquiries and Apps

Will you ever do not use games and other applications on Facebook, To prevent your profile picture, name and other personal data are collected at an unknown place calls via the left menu bar to the "Apps" section. In "Apps that you use" you will find a list of all applications currently connected to Facebook.

208863Kamal Against The Machine Facebook UNCUT

"Do you want to use applications, plug-ins, games and Web sites on Facebook and elsewhere," click right of the field "Edit". Here you can "turn off platform" the. In this way you will receive no notifications of any Facebook apps and games in the browser and on the installed app on Android or iOS. Noted here, however, that their Facebook not to log on to other websites for. B. can be used in Spotify and Zattoo. Even friends can share any contents of them more about Facebook with you.

  1. Log in to Facebook
  2. Call settings right arrow above
  3. Select "apps" from the left menu bar
  4. "Platform disable"

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