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The Warlord in For Honor is quite slow but very resilient character. He can dish it and is well hidden behind his shield. Thus her &# 8220; noble&# 8221; can result Viking with success on the battlefield, we show you on this site all information about the warlord heroes in For Honor.

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The Warlord is part of the Group of viking. Of course you can play it during the faction war with all three parties. Who would want to do without this giant. As with all characters in For Honor, it is also extremely important when warlords to familiarize yourself beforehand with his abilities. Use the training mode quiet so you get a sense of his attacks and special abilities.

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For Honor: Guide to warlords

The Warlord uses his shield not only for the defense, but he can also be a dangerous weapon. In general, this character is not very mobile, but his solid state makes it a versatile warrior, as he can dish both fast and powerful punches, as can also react quickly to enemy attacks. We provide you the Action Bar Warlord and give brief explanations of each skill.

For Honor Warlord GuideA sword, a shield, a Bedorhung &# 8211; the warlord in For Honor.

The skills Warlord

The warlord has, like the other characters in Honor For four unique skills and talents, which can be reviewed in our image. You make it unique and make his battle types. Our table shows you the attacks the hero:

attackshortcut effect
Chopping and slotsR2 / RT, R1 / RBA short combo of a strong and a fast attack
dangerous stormL3 and square / XYour running towards your opponent and insert him with the shield.
crushing jumpLeft stick up + X / A and R2 / RTYour fürht from a severe jump attack.
Crushing jump comboLeft stick up + X / A, R2 / RT, rectangle / X and R1 / RBAfter the heavy jumping attack you can counter the enemy.
Board and BladeRight stick down and R2 / RTYou make a lunge and strike violently.
Block and embroideryRight stick down, blocking, R1 / RBYou lead a counterattack from after a successful block.
Shield CounterParry and square / XCounters with your shield.
Shield counter comboParry, rectangle / X and R1 / RBAdds your sign-counter still a slight attack added.
headerLeft stick up + X / A and square / XBeat the opponent with your head, stunning it briefly.
Headbutt-RiposteRight stick down and square / XLunging and parrying the attack.
Headbutt comboRight stick down, rectangle / X and R1 / RBLunge with parade and subsequent slight attack.

Since the Warlord is one of the more defensive hero, you have to be patient. His attacks have a short range and add more medium damage. However, he is not to be underestimated, and perhaps even one of the best heroes in For Honor, because it is explosive. There is no thick armor, which restricts him and therefore he can advance quickly and surprise opponents after they have beaten tired of his shield.

For Honor Warlord GuideHere you can see an overview of the capabilities of the warlords.

It takes some time until you have mastered the warlords. However, once that happens, you can very much with counter work and bring the massive body with a lot of momentum used. In addition, many of his attacks not Unblockable and so can be used effectively it your shield. It is the warlords often it that your enemies auskontert and despair of your defensive. Here is a picture of the second part of the skills:

The Warlord guideHere you see the other capabilities of the warlords.

Ubisoft provides in For Honor introductory videos for each of the heroes. We have here the entry video Warlord for you:

138For Honor Warlord introductory video

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