Transparent: Season 3 – When the new season appears?

It is not so long ago that Season 3 of the Amazon series Transparent to the Prime-offer of the Internet giant's been added. But a short time after the publication were &# 8211; as is often the case with good series &# 8211; the cries aloud for a new season. When can we expect the new season?

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Update September 20, 2016

Transparent Season 3 available very soon

To the delight of fans Transparent has to wait now already coming to an end: The Complete Third Season Transparent is starting this Friday, 09/23/2016 both in the original English version available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video (OV) and in the synchronized in German translation.

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Original message

Transparent: Season 1 & 2

Season 1 of Transparent has been released by Amazon in September 2014 in Germany we had to wait until April 2015 to the availability of the dubbed version. Season 2 did not appear exactly one year after the first season, but recently, the end of December 2015. Although the consequences of the original are already available in this country, but the German version does not appear until January 29, so in a few days.

Many fans will have the first two seasons, however, long since swallowed up and ask now of course the question of when will the new, third season appears. On the one hand, the period between the first two seasons was less than 12 months as is common with many other series, but 15. So one might assume that the new episodes to be delayed somewhat. On the other hand in December is certainly not the worst period in order to provide series fans with a new lining. Around Christmas has often a lot of time &# 8211; and the weather forces you often to stay at home.


When the new season appears?

In June, there was a joyful message in the form of a press release for all fans: namely that Amazon definitely want to shoot a third season. At the same time talk of a release later 2016th As we can imagine difficulties that the period between the seasons will be less than 12 months, so we can start from December 2016 as the start date on Amazon Prime &# 8211; if anything goes wrong.

Executive producer Jill Soloway is then quoted as saying:

I am so thrilled I did get to share more of the pepper Mans' story with the world. We are all so in love with watching them change and grow. I am blown away by the creative freedom Amazon gives me and I can not wait to reveal where this journey is going to take us.

We can look forward to seeing how it goes with the pepper Mans &# 8211; and whether we still Season 3 is still further material into the house. The new episodes will be available exclusively for Amazon Prime and there directly to start in Germany in OV.



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