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The surest way to terminate his contract o2, is the sending of a written notice. The decisive factor for the success of the matter primarily that the letter to the correct address is sent. It is precisely this concept can be found here and beyond even a perfect template for o2 termination so sure nothing goes wrong.

Do you want to cancel your o2 mobile or DSL, Internet and fixed network contract, you have to note in particular that must be the cancellation within a certain period before the expiry date, otherwise the contract is automatically extended. In addition, the termination will only be accepted if it is received in writing or by fax: Terminations via e-mail function, the provider is under no legal obligation to accept them.

o2-termination address: Send to o2 notice via fax on Buddy

It is strongly recommended to send a written notice stating your personal data and the o2 customer number. Buddy offers you, the convenient way to create this letter using a o2 Cancellation form. The advantage: a legally effective formulation for termination is included and it only has to your private data entered in the template.

Then you can download the template as a PDF and print or send the same over Buddy fax to o2. Thus saving their money for `s registered, because the notice reached o2 in this way immediately and your fax confirmation receipt will be deemed received &# 8211; you are on the safe side, and needs you to o2-termination address to make no further thoughts more.

fill dismissal o2 template now and just send it off!

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o2-termination address: Here have to go the written notice

Including termination of your mobile phone contract with o2 sends her best a registered letter to this address:

Telefónica O2 Germany GmbH & Co.
customer care
90345 Nuremberg

To terminate a CO2 DSL or O2 Internet & Landline contract sends her the letter to this address:

Telefónica O2 Germany GmbH & Co.
Überseering 33
22297 Hamburg

Should you have individual problems or inquiries, you can always contact you to the O2 hotline and ask the customer service. but noted that this is not free in all cases &# 8211; all relevant information on the O2 hotline and customer service can be found naturally here.

o2 termination address

o2 contact:
FAX: 0180-5880088
Hotline: 089-787979400

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