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The Security Task Manager download is a Task Manager replacement that shows next to each process also equal to the degree and cause of the possible danger. He may warn of Trojans before they do damage.

The task manager is usually only called when once again a program has hung. The shareware Security Task Manager can you call even when programs behave suspiciously. Unlike the Windows Task Manager, this tool shows namely reviews about each running process. Red bars indicate the danger level, further explanation why. Whether you that after 30 days of test time 29 euro, however, is worth, you must decide for yourself.

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Security Task Manager features

The Security Task Manager download is a German program. Insofar You do not have to puzzle at the information for evaluation. The tool draws on each program reviews from security companies such as Comodo or Symantec zoom. It gives reasons for the evaluation, which are not always really useful. As about Volumouse gets a completely red bar and is classified as highly dangerous. Not due to a profound examination, but because the tool has an invisible window, a description is missing and it can record keystrokes.

Security Task ManagerSecurity Task Manager to expose suspicious programs

All these accusations are not unusual for a tool that runs in the background and waits for keyboard or mouse input to adjust the volume. That does not justify hysterical warning. Insofar manager is more dangerous than useful especially for computer laity of the Security Task. Too light can thus be someone scare and deletes important programs.

However, those familiar with the computer that will be more annoyed by the exaggerated warnings. The help more of a tool such as Sysinternals Autoruns. This freeware programs are in fact already examined in the startup. Unknown entries can be googled directly from the tool out and, if necessary. Delete or disable.

Security Task Manager Conclusion

In general, the idea of ​​Security Task Manager is good to consult reviews of antivirus software to estimate. And if an entry is suspicious, then experts can see what this part really all intends equal before. But the tool trust the opinions of security professionals too little and dyeing is programs red, known to be harmless. This results in most of &# 8220; False Positives&# 8221; and make the Security Task Manager unusable.

  • Find out a lot about each loaded program
  • For the most part false positives!

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