The Witcher 3: Larkspur – everything you need to know about Geralt’s buddy

Larkspur is the best friend of Geralt of Rivia, the hero of The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. But already in the predecessors The Witcher and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, the merry bard was represented, where he took care of all sorts of chaos. , Read here who really Larkspur is.

The Bard and versifier Larkspur is a famous poet. But also a notorious philanderer, Sittenstrolch and ne'er-do. A jack of all trades who scorned no liquor jug ​​and recreates everything that is not at three in the trees. But the restless singer is also the very best pal grim witcher Geralt of Rivia.

But watching, the following text contains some spoilers about the story of the Witcher novels.

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The Witcher 3: Larkspur and Geralt - Two daredevils on the road to hell

Geralt and delphiniums have known each other very long, because the lecherous bard once met the sorcerer had to flee as larkspur just before a jealous husband. The sorcerer helped the poet, because Larkspur made it that time already admirably to win one for themselves. But soon noticed the two men that they had a lot in common and complemented each other perfectly.

Always solid druff! There is no lack of opponents in boxing matches.Again and again advised Geralt and delphiniums to mangy scoundrel with whom they have to fight.

Because in terms of beer, liquor and women both men had a similarly voracious appetite. And at the same time ensured the massive differences between the two - on one side of the dour and stoic sorcerer, on the other hand, the cheerful and carefree bard - to the fact that they got along better. Because Geralt made sure that larkspur is not exaggerated and the poet again brightened the gloomy mood of the witcher on.

Therefore, the two scoundrels are inseparable, though &# 8211; or perhaps because &# 8211; because Larkspur often causes trouble and Geralt has to knock it in the end. On the other hand, provide larkspur links and contacts for the Geralt often are open doors that would otherwise have remained closed to him. And although Larkspur is neither especially brave nor courageous, it grows regularly beyond itself when Geralt is in danger.

Larkspur at a glance:

Full nameViscount Julian Alfred Pankratz de Lettenhove
place of birthUnknown
OlderApproximately 40
professionPoet and bard
charactercheerful, alert, lustful, intemperate and curious
particularitiesis often mistaken for an elf or half-elf; must be in the duchy of Toussaint never let look again; Part-time agent in the Secret Service redanischen


Professor Larkspur

Larkspur is, for all its vanity an able poet, artist and musician, because the bard has spent years studying at the prestigious University of Oxenfurt. There he was, however, rather than prescribed drunkard and lecher and his academic record was poor.

thewitcher-rittersporn02Larkspur with his lute.

But towards the end of his studies, he pulled himself together well and got off to a excellent degree. Therefore, he was also once a professor at the Department of minstrelsy and poetry and unterichtete there for a time students. But at some point the travel bug grabbed him and he left the university to lead a nomadic life as a traveling minstrel.

Larkspur and Wieselchen

But why the Bard actually called Larkspur? With true name is the poet actually Viscount Julian Alfred Pankratz de Lettenhove and comes from a widely branched aristocratic family. However, the reason for his strange choice of name is the vengeful Duke Rajmund Toussaint, his wife Anna Henrietta the bard once seduced. Then swore the horned Duke that he tear Dandelion's heart and would serve his unfaithful wife if he would get hold of the Bard.

the_witcher_3_wild_hunt_dandelion_ritterspronIn The Witcher 3 you see the previously magnificent Larkspur.

Thus not find the captors of the Duke larkspur, he gave himself the name of a colorful flower, namely Larkspur. As the bard and Geralt eventually came back to Toussaint, the Duke, however, was already dead and delphiniums could finally indulge his mistress, whom he lovingly called Wieselchen.

But in the end Larkspur just could not keep on his pants and was eventually caught in bed by Wieselchens maid. Then the Duchess sentenced him to death and he could intervene only by good fortune and Geralt escape the hangman.

But Toussaint he is still not tolerated, so we look forward to the next (first quarter 2016) Witcher DLC Blood and Wine, which will lead us to Toussaint. And since Larkspur will certainly be back on the field again, it will come to a showdown between the Bard and his angry Wieselchen!

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