Write bold and italics in Skype: How

With simple characters you can in Skype chat specific characters or text that is bold, italic, or write both. We show you in our guide how their format with simple Skype commands your text and can emphasize something.

Write bold and italics in Skype: How's

Text formatting in Skype

Sure it's you also happened: When chatting you have suddenly fat written - that is, depending on the amount of text while facing often at less well. Here you are only asterisk * slipped into the text. Indeed, there are different ways aufzuhübschen your conversations or to make clear in Skype. Do you want to write the text bold, uses * before and to the word or the section that you want to write in bold in the Skype End:

Skype text boldThat the words in Skype are bold, often happens without a purpose: If &# 8220; *&# 8221; be used.

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If you want to write in italics in Skype, because you quoted someone or because you describe what you're doing right, then uses each _ before and after your text. The underscores ensure that your text italic arrives at your chat partner

Text in italics in SkypeAlso italics is easy in Skype.

Do you want that your last statement is crossed, she sits with curly-wavy lines (Tilden). This ~ transmit strikethrough your text. If you right-click on your running already sent message, you can click Edit Message there and highlight once your text in retrospect. However, right-click Remove and news is also an option if your Opposite better not to read the writing.

strikethrough text SkypeSo it looks when you canceled by Skype text.

Here is a brief overview of the commands in Skype:

Text FormattingSkype command
fat* Bold text *
italic_kursiver Text_
strikethrough~ Strikethrough text ~

More articles on the topic: Do you want her example fat and italics, adds * and _ before and after your text. For example * _fetter and italic Text_ *, but it also goes the other way around _ * Bold and italic text * _. It is important that your chat partner has installed the latest version of Skype.

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