Smart TV: Do we really need that? (a comment)

Smart TV: Do we really need that? (a comment)

In the course of my smart self test Samsung has sent several units equal to me that I should try. This included a 40-inch LED Smart TV. Now that I could test a few weeks extensively this, to me is the question: Do we really need something like that?

Also at this year's IFA everything was all about Smart TV. Higher resolutions, thinner and larger screens, more features. We are at U-HD (ie Ultra High Definition) for consumer products arrived, even though the contents of this so far are actually not yet exist. But, of course, is that, as was the case even at full HD coming soon.

While I'm really excited about a bigger screen and better resolution, I noticed in the course of my smart self-experiment that at least many of the smart functions of a television are not as important to me personally.

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I think it's great that I made available TV has an integrated WLAN module, which I can easily access content from the Internet. For example, YouTube is also quickly accessible alongside the normal TV offer.

Numerous ports (HDMI, USB, etc.) make connecting other devices extremely easy, so a cross-linking of domestic appliances nothing stands in the way. Even functions like Samsung Link, with which one can relatively easily view or reflect directly on the TV content from the smartphone or tablet, are quite funny.

Samsung Smart TV 4

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Besides the mentioned functions the TV is especially so smart because he can learn from its own television viewing habits. At least in theory. I myself am a person who normally looks not very much TV. This is partly because me to often lack the time and secondly because I find the program terribly to 90%. The other 10% I seek me out, and then specifically to gawk. Or I am getting quite dull of meaningless possible content sprinkle. And yes, even though I can hang on a shopping channel or a special broadcast of the People's Parade sometimes also, even if me this stuff really does not care about. but of course I do not want the TV in the future then just propose to me such programs.

So I do not want that the TV learn something from me. I'm so grown up that I mostly aware aussuche me what I want. Of course it may be that me more stuff will be presented by an intelligent learning process of a technical device that I might like (this is really nothing more than what Google does). But if I'm honest, I do not want that.

What I also do not find really useful is the "intelligent" control of my present Samsung Smart TV. Not only that, the device is equipped with two different remote controls ( "normal" and a "smart" with a touch panel), no, the TV can be controlled by gestures and speech. This may sound in theory first quite funny, is in practice in my opinion but something of practical because it simply takes longer and does not work as smoothly as is the case with the good old (or new, smart) remote control.

Samsung Smart TV 3

If voice control is activated, opens also from time to time without asking a menu that prompts you to enter a voice command. To close this, I had to repeatedly call out of this menu or grab the remote control to close it (my first choice) the command to close.

Samsung Smart TV 7

My conclusion:

While a few of the functions of Smart TVs are really very good (integriete camera for Skype calls, easy connectivity through Wi-Fi and numerous connections, etc.), many of the integrated smart functions are in my eyes pure gimmick, to which I (still) love can do without. If I really want to be out on Facebook or Twitter, I take rather my &# 8220; Second Screen&# 8221; (In my case my phone, but like a tablet), instead of me to work complicated by the remote control through the menu on the TV, and then enter tedious individual characters to search around on YouTube for a specific video.

Of course, I could then decide to use my smartphone as a remote control even if I then but had already in hand, I use but rather just the other radio ions.

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