Solution: Failed to request a device description

If Windows displays an unknown USB device with the &# 8220; Failed to request a device description&# 8221 ;, then it can happen that you always hear the sound of a show or infected USB device. In addition, the error does not stop when you subtract all USB devices from the PC. We tell you how you can solve the problem.

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Failed to request a device description

If Windows message &# 8220; USB Device Not Recognized&# 8221; indicating the message also may appear: &# 8220; The last USB device that was attached to this computer, did not work properly and is not recognized by Windows&# 8221 ;. Here you hear may again and again the sound that occurs when you connect a USB flash drive to the PC. Added to this is: If you mark out all known USB devices, the error appears to continue. but then why does Windows the error to continue?

Windows error: This message you will see probably.This message occurs in the USB errors.

Solution: Failed to request a device description

The error is still in front because he does not refer to an externally connected USB device: the motherboard itself the error is caused. In the Device Manager you often find in the unknown device pointing &# 8220; Failed to request a device description&# 8221 ;. This is usually around the USB controller itself, which controls your connected USB devices.

So it is very likely that Windows has installed the wrong driver for your USB host controller or tried again and again. This occurs for example in Windows 10 if the correct driver for a USB device or -Hostcontroller does not exist in the Windows 10 driver pool.

If the error still occurs in an external device such as a connected hard drive, but not the hard drive must be defective. The error can also at the interface, ie, lie with the USB controller. This is especially true if the external hard drive works with another PC.

So then sees the solution of:

  1. Disables automatic driver device installation. How to do it, learn it here: Windows 10, 7: Update Driver / disable driver updates. Note: Future driver installations you have to then carry out manually under certain circumstances.
  2. Uninstalled the driver of the faulty device in Device Manager. Chooses for there the unit with the fault, click the right mouse button and select Uninstall.
  3. Invite you the correct motherboard drivers from the manufacturer's Web site now: Mainboard find: identify type and BIOS under Windows. If available you can also just download the driver for the USB controller of your mainboard. Install the driver later by running the setup file.
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If you were not successful with the instructions, the motherboard itself can be defective. This can happen, for example, when did you configure a PC itself and thereby damage the motherboard. Maybe it was defective but also in the factory. Then you should send it back for examination and for repair to the manufacturer. Have you no guarantee that you seek the best for a PC repair shop nearby and asks for a cost estimate.

Tip: More information about how its driver installed, there are: install drivers in Windows 10, 7, 8 and Co ..

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