Oschi: meaning and origin of the term

 "Dude, what a Oschi!" - many terms are used in everyday language, without really even knowing its exact meaning or origin. One of these expressions is "Oschi". Find out here where the term comes from and how to use it.

Oschi: meaning and origin of the termSource: pathdocThe term "Oschi" has no precise meaning. is the word used to describe extremely large, impressive, sometimes threatening things.432026What does AMK?

What is a &# 8220; Oschi&# 8221 ;?

As defined by the Duden, the term "something that impressed by its size". The origin of the word is unclear, but the term is used mainly in the Ruhr and the Rhine area. In the corresponding Wikipedia output to Rheinisch-Platt there is even a separate entry for the term "Oschi". In some regions they speak also modified by a "Oschek". Some sources indicate the "Oschi" as diminutive variation of "Oschek". There also is mentioned as a Yiddish origin of the term, elsewhere this relationship is, however, called into question.

Sample sentences for the use of the term:

  • "I was picking mushrooms in the forest yesterday, there were given to those Oschis!"
  • "What did you do for a Oschi on your forehead?"
  • "I ran into a hornet's nest yesterday, such Oschis have followed me there."
Oschi-shutterstock_360065171Here's the &# 8220; Oschi&# 8221; the huge fish.

On the Lower Rhine, the term "Oschi" is also used for a mixed drink. Ordered her in the respective areas a Oschi, there is a Asbach-Cola mixture.

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Meaning and origin of the term &# 8220; Oschi&# 8221;

Today, the term "Oschi" is heard again and again. With our explanation, the meaning of the word should be clearer. With us you will find many more definitions and explanations of certain terms. Read with us about what is a "Stelzbock".

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