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Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is a shrewd observer and diagnostician in terms of functionality and problems with wireless networks.

thanks to the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector can be conveniently view Wi-Fi networks, analyze, and repair if necessary. Here appears you get all the data about the available wireless networks based on a radar screen. Displaying information such as signal strength, the encryption method, the channel and the frequency of the nearest networks. through Locate the site is displayed, signal History presents an overview of the signal waveform within a certain period. The option Connection informed about the connection and address data of the corresponding network.

Also connection problems know the tool to solve quickly and without effort &# 8211; it creates a diagnosis as to the cause and gives tips to correct the problem.

Conclusion: Too bad that the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector implies a certain prior knowledge of the English language &# 8211; a German version, the user may continue not expect good. The free software is actually a generous help in the diagnostic evaluation of wireless networks, especially when it comes to investigate the causes for slow connections or permanent crashes to the ground.

Before you download the e-mail address of the user is queried.

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