App Ops Permission Manager: app permissions restrict with hidden Android 4.3 feature

In Android 4.3, a new feature has been introduced with "App Ops" with which users can set permissions of individual installed apps. On normal Because it is not yet activated, using the app "Permission Manager" from Appoholic but you can access it. We looked at the new feature even closer.

App Ops Permission Manager: app permissions restrict with hidden Android 4.3 feature

Android 4.3 brings known few obvious new features and is therefore considered an incremental update, which is perhaps not entirely wrong. "Under the hood" there are still all sorts of changes that are not the same as flashy as, for example, a new font, new icons or other visual tweaks. A new feature is available, but not accessible "the normal way".

Talking about the Permission Manager, a rights manager, with the user able to readjust certain privileges practically in almost every app. Google calls this feature "App Opps". Thanks to the resourceful developers of Appoholic this feature can use the app "Permission Manager" already use - and do so without root. Who, for example, the Nova Launcher uses, even without this app access to this feature. can be activated App Ops with other launchers - but they need to support the feature of being able to link activities on the desktop.


Experienced Android users will be aware that any app a series of rights "demands" if they are installed. Many of the rights to make a lot of sense - it is clear that an app that requires the user's location, it must also access the GPS data and the like. , Some apps tend, however, to certain features, such as adding the reading of personal contacts, or like the Facebook app to read the complete telephone traffic (call logs) even though this is absolutely not necessary. Precisely in order to curtail such rights after installing the app, the app 'Permission Manager "comes into play, with the rapid access to the App Ops is granted.


The optics of the application is designed very reduced and corresponds, as befits a system app, the Holo UI. That Google has not yet officially released the feature and here and must be optically ground there too, is reflected in the part a little bit too much shifted buttons for switching on and issue the respective authorizations. but this is probably one carried out on the fly localization owed, or even an automatic translation. Nice it is not, the functionality but does not detract.

For a better overview of the different privileges app operations were divided into four tabs: "Location", "Personal", "SMS / MMS", "device". Under these categories can now be found all apps that can access the GPS data, contact details, news services or functions of the device such as the camera or the notification bar either. Of course there is overlap here and so all kinds of apps are also listed twice or three times, but this not disturbing.

Through the app gives access to a range of settings that you should not play around better - so you can disable, for example, the camera app in a variety of applications - you open after deactivation Instagram, so is only an error message. Curiously, the deactivation of the camera in EyeEm is not working at present, which probably indicates that the Permission Manager, or the system function app Opps is not yet fully developed. However, this is not surprising, after all, Google has not officially released the function.

Nevertheless, one can already disable some unnecessary permissions, and prune as various apps on an appropriate level - after all, Facebook has, for example, do not snoop around in our call list. A look at the app is definitely worth, even if not everything is going very smoothly.

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download: Permission Manager of Appoholic (free)
Permission Manager of Appoholic (free) qr code


download: App Permission Manager (4.3) (free)
App Permission Manager (4.3) (free) qr code

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