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Firefox for Mac download is Mozilla's free, open-source alternative to Safari, Chrome and Co. Who the competition offers too few options, is the right place.

The Mozilla Firefox has long been the most widely used browser, and not without reason: Firefox offers its users in addition to high speed and ease of use and the ability to extend the main program with a large number of freely available add-ons. These include plug-ins that the Firefox for Mac Download can be expanded to include additional functions, and change the appearance of the browser completely themes.

Firefox for Mac Download: Features of the browser

Furthermore, it has access as a user of Mozilla Firefox for Mac Downloads the opportunity websites in tabs and group (&# 8220; tabbed browsing&# 8221), arbitrarily create bookmarks, and RSS feeds are supported as dynamic bookmarks to manage passwords to make filling in forms automatically, and much more.

In addition, can be quickly and easily synchronized with the download of Firefox for Mac personal settings such as open tabs, browsing history, passwords and bookmarks with the Sync function of the browser between different computers on which Firefox is installed.

Firefox for Mac

Firefox for Mac: top browser for Apple computers

As well as Windows, provides the Firefox for Mac OS X is an excellent alternative to other browsers such as Apple's Safari. However, the Firefox for Mac no longer supported with version 17, the version 10.5 of the Apple operating system, so that its owner at least Mac OS X 10.6 will need to upgrade.

Since issue 34 Firefox now includes also a chat client called &# 8220; Hello Firefox&# 8221 ;.

For Windows Mozilla Firefox is available for Windows available for download, and there is also an issue of Firefox for Android as well as a portable version, for example, the USB flash drive.


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