Record audio on Mac: A free solution

Usually can only absorb external sources with the QuickTime Player in OS X &# 8211; either via the integrated microphone or by using the line-in port. A small tool helps to tap the system sound and up capture any audio material internally on Mac.

Record audio on Mac: A free solution

record system audio with Soundflower

With Apple's QuickTime player can make in OS X audio, video and screen shots. The commands for this are in the application File menu.

Record audio on Mac: A free solution

Who starts a new audio recording, can select the recording source on the small triangle at the right edge of the window. Only external sources can basically tap into but, for example, the built-in microphone of your Mac.

Record audio on Mac: A free solution

So internal system sound can not be recorded easily. Remedy the free software Soundflower. The system sound directs the tool internally directly back to the sound input on, so disguises the internal tone as an external signal.

Record audio on Mac: A free solutionPerhaps the user has to call the installation package with a right click and the command opening.

The user can download the installation file for free. After installation, the tool assumes the function of an output for the internal sound signal and the one input for an external sound signal. The principle: The Soundflower output takes possession instead of a proper speaker of Systemtons. The user can then pick up the sound system, for example, using the QuickTime player.

Construction System Settings

The produce sounds output in OS X can be controlled tone in the system settings in the area. In the tab issue, the system displays the internal speaker and, if any, further external. Who infects a headset, also sees him after a few seconds in the list. It replaces the internal speaker. The situation is similar with the sound input. Typically, the internal microphone of the Mac registered sound signals from the outside. Are external microphones or headphones connected with such, it shows the system is also in the list. Depending on requirements, the user can define input and output sources here.

System sound contact the QuickTime player

In order up capture with Apple's QuickTime player system audio, Soundflower must be selected as the audio output device in the system settings. Normally one opts for Chanel 2 variant (2ch).

Record audio on Mac: A free solution

Before recording in QuickTime Player the new Soundflower channel you have to spend there as well as the source.

Who wants to hear when you take, are any notes of the Mac on its own, the sound flowerbed application starts programs / Soundflower in the directory.

Record audio on Mac: A free solution


In the corresponding menu icon now lets you choose a monitor output. Otherwise, the Mac remains silent when recording, eventually Soundflower working so instead of a speaker.

By the way: The uninstall the tool is achieved by using a supplied script named Uninstall Soundflower.scpt.

Alternative: Piezo

Record audio on Mac: A free solution

An application that can recommend the author, piezo is from rogue amoeba. Piezo can record audio from Safari, Firefox, Skype and other applications and audio devices in different grades. The user can choose between MP3 and AAC, and every 128 or 256 Kbit / s. To start and stop recording, it only operates the main red button. In the settings of the software, the user can select the folder that end up in the finished audio files. For the attractive user interface and a decent sound of the user but then also paid 13.99 euros in the Mac App Store *Record audio on Mac: A free solution.

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