Train Simulator 2015: All information on train simulator – Complete info at GIGA have not for nothing renamed as Dovetail games you would be much more open to other simulations, far from the Train Simulator series. the developers are fortunately now but back from the fishing trip and bring the Train Simulator 2015 back on track.

Simulators and simulations are a godsend for a non-small target group. The more realistic the better (although there are some players who just prefer the botched simulators ..). Dovetail know how to do it and want to make it with the Train Simulator 2015 once again.

Train Simulator 2015: it smells here to fish?

to make a detailed railway simulation even better, should be a major challenge. Where, when start but already almost everything is going great? In Train Simulator 2015, the developers put on something that has been somewhat neglected: the learning of that train trip.

With the newly added TS Academy professionals learn how newcomers faster, better and easier driving of the many trains on test tracks. For this, all models can be picked up, which includes the game. of course reason for introducing the driving school for drivers was the community feedback. Rather than facilitate the operation unnecessary, the learning behavior of the player himself stood in the foreground.

Train Simulator 2015: 120 km measures alone the route from New York to New Haven - Enough time to enjoy the viewTrain Simulator 2015: 120 km measures alone the route from New York to New Haven &# 8211; Enough time to enjoy the view

At the end there is a la Gran Tourismo licenses and awards. Who the routes are not enough, which can easily be personalized with the included editor sections and share with the community. While this was even before, but never so easy as in Train Simulator 2015, when (with fishing hats) will trust the developers.

Train Simulator 2015: Back to the Future 3 Greetings

Among the navigable routes in the train simulator include the route Munich &# 8211; Garmisch-Partenkirchen, New York &# 8211; New Haven and London &# 8211; that will go in 2018 to the grid Peterborough.

Also, you are allowed to drive 801 in addition to more than 100 existing locomotives and trains also the prototype of the Hitachi class, with their manufacturers, developers have worked with.

Train Simulator 2015: Hitachi Claas 801 is first put into operation virtuallyTrain Simulator 2015: Hitachi Claas 801 is first put into operation virtually


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