Need for Speed: Undercover

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Need for Speed: Undercover is the next step in the evolution of the well-known car racing game series from Electronic Arts. Slips as Undercovercop behind the wheel of incredibly fast companions and provides you with rivals in illegal street racing duels as well as pursuits with the supposed colleagues from the police.

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Need for Speed: Undercover

In Undercover you dive into a half-world where tough guys and brisk bees chase in their fast cars in dangerous race to the crown of the road over several slopes. Here denies their illegal races where no rules prevail except for those who writes the street itself: Only the Strong and Fast wins if the rest of the world remains on track.

As Undercovercop you mix the illegal racing scene. Your task is to win the trust of a notorious street gear in a variety of missions. Here you will be accompanied by the story of elaborately staged scenes.

Metacritic average rating: 65% (PC), 64% (Xbox 360), 59% (PS3)

Need for Speed: Undercover overtaking at more than 200 km

Need for Speed: Undercover &# 8211; There is much to do, we step on the gas

The duties range from serve ordinary road race to special orders, such as the demolishing of competitors or enemies of the transition and the escorting of valuable luxury cars. Center and safe haven of the game is the garage where after successful races of the application obtained is put into the tuning of the streaker to be faster, bigger and better.

As the game progresses, more and more areas of the Need for Speed ​​World will be released, which can then be explored in more new routes.

Need for Speed: Undercover &# 8211; Rapidly the world perishes

The control is in Need for Speed: Most Wanted been opposed to simplistic Undercover, so that the action and the sauschnelle driving pleasure in the foreground. Many obstacles and oncoming traffic can not be found on the street. Police rarely logs, so the player has to cause a stir with a very aggressive driving style. Terms of difficulty, the most demanding race can be found on the highway. Here is the fun factor is greatest.

As always Undercover has become a well acting racing game, which offers the players with a wide selection of cars, a story elaborately presented and many new routes. However, to complain about the mediocre graphics that eats a lot of memory and exceptional even in modern PCs to problems.

Need for Speed: Undercover Demo

Need for Speed: Undercover unfortunately no demo was released.

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