The Division: Assault & quot; Clear sky & quot; – Tips and tactics

A new free update with the version number 1.2 ensures that her Tom Clancy&# 8217; s The Division can play a new assault. Thus, if you of assault &# 8220; lost Falcon&# 8221; slowly become boring, you can expect with the Raid &# 8220; Clear sky&# 8221; an exciting new challenge.

With the new update you can expect in addition to new weapons and equipment sets, a new raid. The attack named &# 8220; Clear sky&# 8221; comes in two parts therefore, offering you a real challenge &# 8211; However, but only if you play mode, the Incursion in Hard. Thus, the new assault while more tactical assault and is generally more varied, but it is too easy. So many complain Division player to average already after 15 minutes were finished. Do you need help in Incursion, e.g. because you are playing Fashion in Hard, we give you in this guide The Division practical tips on tactics and Co. for the assault &# 8220; Clear sky&# 8221 ;.

See here the trailer for the free update &Conflict, 8220&# 8221; by The Division:

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The Division &# 8211; &# 8220; Clear sky&# 8221 ;: content from the encroachment

The new assault &# 8220; Clear sky&# 8221; or. &# 8220; Clear Sky&# 8221; is made of two parts, the you can play. The first part is outdoors instead, so you should consider you well when you want to start the raid. You are not proficient with shooters, we recommend to start the assault on the day. The Weather and time of day however, during the Incursion to change.

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In the second part you are on Columbus Circle on road. But first you have to reach him what your opponents want to prevent course. Further information on the attack &# 8220; Clear sky&# 8221; in The Division:

  • The Raid is a group of four players designed.
  • Do you want to play the hard mode, you have a Gear minimum score of 160 to have.
  • Your opponents are Rikers, So the looters of Manhattan. However, your enemies are not too strong. The majority is purple.
  • You have several bosses before you. After the first great opponent you reach a Checkpoint. Which there was not in the first Incursion.
  • In Clear Sky you have to specifically your Team roles respect, think highly of. Take a tank, a healer, a supporter and a damage dealer.

You still need general advice to fight The Division? We obviously do not want that you leave the battlefield with crutches and ruff and give you useful tips in another guide.

Clear Sky will also have a Challenge Mode impressed with. This but will follow next week. Until then, the Division players should familiarize themselves with the new assault.Fights the Rikers and their bosses in the new assault & quot; Clear Sky & quot ;.Fights the Rikers and their bosses in new assault &# 8220; Clear Sky&# 8221 ;.

rewards for &# 8220; Clear sky&# 8221; -RAID

The attack &# 8220; Clear sky&# 8221; may in difficulty &8220; hard&# 8221; and &# 8220; challenging&# 8221; be played. Do you play on &8220; hard&# 8221 ;, will receive their guaranteed High-end items in yellow, have a Gear score of 204th In addition, you get upon successful completion dark green Set Items Gear with a score of 214. her Creates difficulty &# 8220; challenging&# 8221; get her even two yellow high-end items (Gear score 204).

Ausstattungsgarnituten and sets by The Division in detail

These are the rewards to &8220; hard&# 8221; in detail:

  • 33,000 credits
  • 1x high-end weapon
  • 1x equipment object
  • 1x prestige object
  • 50 Phoenix Credits

since the Challenge mode will not start until next week, we can not call in detail to you the rewards for doing so. but we rich by quickly.

The second part of Clear Sky takes place at the Columbus Circle.The second part of Clear Sky takes place at the Columbus Circle.

Tips and tactics for assault &# 8220; Clear sky&# 8221;

The biggest difference from the previous attack that you no certain waves of enemies want to turn off. So there is no exact number of waves. Nevertheless, you will face many Rikers. Run into Toward Columbus Circle and selects the assault on the map. First you have to blow open a barrier to progress.

  1. Here you faces many Rikers. Kill out the purple-colored.
  2. Later yellow enemies come upon you, which should but easily manage their team.
  3. After that spawns an orange-colored enemy who has an explosive belt around the you have to grab you and put in front of the barrier.
  4. But in order to destroy them, you have two doors in front of you. For this reason, another strong enemy comes after more enemies with an explosive belt.
  5. Stay tuned for the mortar attacks that already knows it by the last Incursion.
  6. Before you step through the barrier, should increase again you your supplies and ammunition.
  7. In the second part you can expect a helicopter that bombards you with his arsenal of weapons.
  8. Your aim is therefore to eliminate the defense.
  9. While one team member dares to laptop, the others should wipe out the enemy and give him backing.
  10. the indicated key presses at laptop. Now come to the two fuse boxes to light.
  11. Wear it to the middle of Circles and connects them. Here, a player should distract the enemy while another takes care of the backups.
  12. Pay attention to the mortar from the helicopter. While wearing the fuse boxes, you are slowly traveling. A healer should come with you and support you.
  13. If the fuse boxes in place, you have to return to the laptop and turn off the defense of the helicopter. This triggers the boss.
  14. The boss has so you have to pay attention here forward to meeting him a shield. Take care most about him first and then you concentrate on the rest, easy opponents.

Ye your ammo doubled in the Division

Look here video by YouTuber Arekks Gaming, which you also can give a few tactics and tips for overreaching:

Read on us, what it is all about the resupply at The Division and can as you trade with other players and act.

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