The Walking Dead Season 7: Who dies? Finals today in the stream and TV FOX

Now it is no longer avoidable. The final episode of "The Walking Dead" season 7 is pending. It goes into the decisive battle against Negan is on, one or the other victim is sure to complain. Showrunner Scott Gimple provides a glimpse of what we can expect in the 16th and final episode of the current season.

He promises compared to Entertainment Weekly that precedes it in the last few episodes until episode 16 with lots of "foot on the accelerator." He promises thus "intensive" events that lie ahead. A cliffhanger, however, as he has the fan base still excited by season's end in 2016 to the torture, should not give it this year. Remains to be seen whether holding the final episode of "The Walking Dead" season 7, which the makers promise. The final result today it brings night to a length of 65 instead of the usual 45 minutes.

The Walking Dead in the Sky Entertainment Ticket*

The new episodes have been running since the end of October, on February 13, it came with Season 7B on. The season premiere caused a lot of pale and frightened faces, went into the episodes after that it more leisurely to. On Monday, 12 December, there was at 21:00 in the FOX Channel, the midseason finale to see. From 21.45 am, the episode was then limited online time on Sky On Demand, Sky Go and Sky ticket for retrieval. It can be viewed in both the German version and the version in the original English. Next weekend, the end of the seventh season is at &# 8211; what we can expect?

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The thirteenth episode was all about the betrayal. A major confrontation with the Saviors and the Kingdom around Ezekiel is pending. Whose side Rick & Co. will be available, it you do not have to think long. But as it goes towards the final fight Negan next? Even the usually level-headed Morgan was now too much. The traitor Richard got from all the wrath of actually peace-loving survivors. Resulted in 14 to Rosita and Sasha have made their way to Negans stock. They met with Eugene, they wanted help to escape. But what happens? Eugene rejects the help and runs away! Sasha will penetrate further into the camp and tricking Rosita. What will they now expect in Negans camp? Rosita encounters on her way back to the camp to a shadow with crossbow. it is unclear who could hide behind here. Daryl, Dwight or someone else? Episode 15 this coming Sunday and Monday the mystery airs probably.

Episode 15 was at about this week in sunbeds and everything looks in the conflict between the Saviors and the Kingdom after the big climax. Rick, Ezekiel, the Kingdom, and Carol &# 8211; they are all ready for the big fight against Negan. With the Junkyard Gang has found new allies to pull into battle. Rick, Daryl Tara and want to visit the women's group from the sixth episode &# 8211; more allies in the conflict against Negan? At the end of the last episode is also a (former?) Enemy reported in the camp. He is called a "rat" Rick & Co. are at your side in the fight against Negan?

The last episode before the finale was more than preparation and had no major developments to offer. Rick and his community are now, however, well equipped to storm Negans stock. Dwight and Sasha could play a crucial role in the final. What made the preparations? On Sunday, 2 April and in Germany on April 3, then there is the final result of (hopefully) many answers.

The Walking Dead: Final of Season 7

there to see the last episodes until the finale of the seventh season of "The Walking Dead" on the following dates:

  • Monday, 03/20, 21 am, FOX. Episode 14, "on the other side"
  • Monday, 03/27, 21 am, FOX. Episode 15, "What we need"
  • Monday, 04/03, 21 am, FOX. Episode 16, the finale of "The Walking Dead" -Season, "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

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The Walking Dead in the Sky Entertainment Ticket*

The Walking Dead Season 7: Will someone die?

Recently there was the 14th episode, called &# 8220; The Other Side&# 8221; to see.

After that, the penultimate episode follows already before the end of the seventh season, the closer it comes to the end of the seventh season, the more rumors emerge that still predict a death. Of course nothing is yet known. Who wants to be completely unbiased in the final episodes, should skip the next few lines. We summarize some theories and rumors for the finals together:

  • In episode 13 it has caught the Kingdom-J√ľngling Benjamin. Especially Morgan took care of Benjamin. Earlier, Morgan had to cope with the loss of his son, already in the third season. However, he said no this time whether Duane was dead. Under certain circumstances, this has thus survived and is reflected by the apocalyptic landscape. For more information on the theory, there are at
  • In the comics Morgan had to die at an early date. Already in the 13th episode, there was a big change of his personality, as he finished his usually peaceable existence. Morgan may meet in the afterlife of his son Duane.
  • In the first episode of the seventh season, there is a dream sequence showing Rick and some comrades at a table. It is striking that the table has a table cloth only on one side. On the side without tablecloth sit Glenn, Abraham and Spencer &# 8211; all three have died in the series. In addition, in the series can be seen with her baby, Eugene, Sasha and Maggie Morgan. All are in the current course in a more or less dangerous situation. On the other hand, however, sit Rick and Co., which appeared recently in safety. Moviepilot sees a dream sequence by Rick, which could suggest the death of the former characters.
  • The Sasha actress takes a starring role in the new Star Trek series. If enough time remains, in order to &# 8220; The Walking Dead&# 8221; to stand in front of the camera? A Serientod is quite conceivable here.
  • A big meeting with the Saviors and the Kingdom and Rick is inevitable. There will most likely be several victims. A potenieller candidate is Negans right hand. Negan itself will also be featured in the eighth season, his death is thus excluded.

What do you think, who could still catch it in the seventh season?

AMC extended the series as expected so there will be at least one new season of The Walking Dead

  • The seventh season will be out again 16 episodes put together.
  • Here, AMC intends to maintain the division into two blocks, so that there should be a midseason break until the beginning of February in the winter.
  • The start of the first episode is the 23rd of October.
  • After starting in October there will be the first half of The Walking Dead Season 7 accordingly until December before it then goes on in February 2017 after the Christmas break.
  • Start date for the second half of the seventh Staffelwar February 12, 2017.

In recent years, the latest season started each week of the Columbus Days. In the period around this holiday, the Comic-Con will be held in New York. Staying with the radiance rhythm, the start date for the first series of falls &# 8220; The Walking Dead&# 8221; relay team 7 to 9 October.

  • In the occupation Scott M. Gimple, Robert Kirkman, David Alpert and Greg Nicotero are represented again in the new episodes.
  • The appearance of Negan threw long time its shadow. In the last episode of Season 6 of the bad guy finally came to the fore and taught the group to Rick same fear. His appearance hints at great things for the new episodes.

The Walking Dead Season 7: Who dies? Finals today in the stream and TV FOX

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Norman Reedus, known as Daryl Dixon, will be on display next to the walking dead this year in his own show. In &# 8220; Tide with Norman Reedus&# 8221; Motorcycle lovers living his passion from the camera. The series with the TWD-Star will initially consist of six one-hour episodes.

Before the start of The Walking Dead Season 7B there are the first rumors about who will be the 2017 Serientod die. Attention could subsequently spoiler stuck:

  • Officially confirmed, of course, no Serientod.
  • Nevertheless, you rumors that it could meet Sasha in the new episodes are mounting.
  • The actress Sunequa Martin-Green will soon be seen in a lead role in the new Star Trek series on the air. The question remains whether in their calendar still plenty of time for the role in The Walking Dead remains.
  • According to Fan Theories Sasha to suffer the fate that was determined in the comics for Holly. Holly comes after an attack from Negan to the group killed.
  • According series artist Scott Gimple Rick will again grow stronger in the second half of The Walking Dead Season 7 and face finally against Negan and his rogue group.
  • In addition, there is to be a confrontation between King Ezekiel and his group with the Saviors.

The Walking Dead: Season 7 &# 8211; Negan vs. Rick

The Comic-Con took place from 21st &# 8211; July 24 instead. Then there was give to Season 7 first motion video material in the form of a trailer. Previously, there was already the first image of The Walking Dead Season 7. You can see the fearsome Negan, who left the series fans at the end of last season with a huge cliffhanger. is to be seen whether Ezekiel and his Kingdom will provide to Negan or is about working together with the villain.

The Walking Dead Season 7: Who dies? Finals today in the stream and TV FOXAMC / Entertainment Weekly

The first promo poster for Comic-Con, there are now also. The image refers once again to the situation that prevailed in the finale of Season sixth Rick's group is facing its most so far strongest adversary Negan. walking-dead-comic-con After the start of the new TWD Follow the series leaders still had suffered a setback. Unlike the previous seasons 4 and 5, there was no new quota record this year. Still, the horror adventure course, delighted in the sixth season enormous popularity, so you can take in the house AMC a seventh season of The Walking Dead is not. The first result of the recent season in the US about 14 million viewers tuned in, far more than in other series.

Regarding the story, there is no solid information. So as not known to what extent the serial implementation will differ in the seventh season of the comic book. Robert Kirkman announced that Season 6 only the beginning for the &# 8220; cool stuff&# 8221; is that will happen in relay. 7 With us you will find an explanation for the shocking end of Season 6. The group around Rick Grimes must be set in the first nine episodes of a life under the leadership of Negan. In the last episode of the sixth season Morgan and Carol met also two mysterious survivors that are part of &# 8220; Kingdom&# 8221; are. In the comics Ezekiel is the Kingdom leader, at his side is the Titger &# 8220; Shiva&# 8221 ;. The role of Ezekiel is intended to take over Dave Fennoy. Ezekiel with his Tiger Shiva should be an ally to the side Rick Grimes and company. First, Grimes must&8217; However, followers face the new adversary Negan.

The Walking Dead Season 7: There is no end in sight

Even before the start of the seventh season, there was the second part of the second season of Fear The Walking Dead. Also, the spin-off that the prequel to the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse illuminated more accurately, could enter ordinary rates. Of course there will also be a 2017 third season of Fear The Walking Dead. For fans who can not get enough of walkers, biters and Co., is also available with Flight 462, a web series in mini format. The Walking Dead Season 7: Who dies? Finals today in the stream and TV FOXFor the head of the series, Robert Kirkman, is still no end in sight. The comic book is the series happening far ahead. Should happen in the coming weeks and months, no quota disaster, there will be to see new stories to Rick Grimes and Co. nor The Walking Dead Season 7 also.

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