Zockerbude – without these things nothing works!

(Carsten) Probably every gamer finds his Zockerbude is the best you can buy for money. Whether thick plant or small 3-watt speakers. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and really like gambles in his room. For that gamers booths are there eventually. Nevertheless, there are 25 things which ye are agreed that they definitely belong.

Zockerbude - without these things nothing works!

After you submit your suggestions in the forum and could you vote here for a week, is now finally the final outcome is determined. We put the most popular spots in a comprehensive top 25, so really everything has its place here.

Without these things really seems completely not a gamer room. No matter the design, no matter the price range, the following things are simply part and should be missing in any.

Should you miss one or two things painfully, it writes with justification in the comments.

Have fun!

place 25 (35%)
A blanket, so it is not so cold for continuous gamblers

Who hangs up half the night before the computer or console, which seems his body quite a bit about. By caffeine we are properly pushed, but the forth coming by easy fatigue cooling of the body must be fought. And since we unfortunately may have no open flames in the room and the PC is probably also thermally insulated, the good old blanket must serve. This looks always a little vagrant, but hey&# 8230; who wants to mess up a frag because his hand trembles &# 8211; then you'd better look crazy.

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