Doom: So the Denuvo protection has been removed

Last week reports have been raised that the Denuvo protection of games like Doom and Inside, was removed. Now the copy maker has reported a few speculations have their say. And the explanation for the distance is quite simple.

534Doom: Unto the Evil - Launch Trailer

Denuvo is currently the most strongest protection when it comes to piracy. Because the system is difficult to handle, thanks to an online query. No wonder that games such as Doom, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, have availed themselves of the protection. And to date only a few illegal copies of which are to be found.

Bethesda ended years of Doom fan project

But last week, Bethesda has removed this protection at Doom. The reboot of the classic shooter is therefore more accessible to piracy. After various speculations about the reason for the removal and possible deals with the publishers now Denuvo gave himself to speak.

Doom in the big test

The simple reason why Denuvo was removed at Doom is that it has served its purpose. This was to protect the game within the launch period against counterfeiting. The protection that Doom has maintained by nearly four months is an impressive achievement for such a high-level game.

Each publisher is free to remove our DRM protection from their game as soon as they feel that this has served its purpose. This is the case if the launch period is over or they want to offer the game on DRM-free platforms. We do not position Denuvo be unbreakable. No robbery copy protection is so strong. But our goal is to protect the games in the time in which held the most sales.

Source: Kotaku


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