Cards Against Humanity: playing now in the web app

The popular card game Cards Against Humanity can be immediately gambled completely free browser. The web app called Cards Against Originality and works just like the card game.

Cards Against Humanity: playing now in the web app

Cards Against Humanity proves that stupidity often draws very well. In the beginning, it is determined which player starts &# 8211; According to the rules this is the person who has recently set a nice fragrant heap. Starts well!

Then reads this player, also known as Card Czar, a black card with which ever part of the text freilässt.Die other players must eventually select an answer from their white cards in hand and slip to the Card Czar. The pile is mixed and read all sentence combinations. The Czar then determined which in his opinion funniest combination and gives the player from which came the missing word, one point. Then it goes in turn so on.

With Cards Against Originality you can all now in the browser of your PC, as well as playing on smartphones and tablets, and invite your friends to play &# 8211; these should ideally be in the same room. The web app includes all the cards and the five extensions.

play here for free Cards Against Originality*

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