Audi: Navi-Run update – Here’s how

So you can always find the right way, your Navi cards should be up to date. We show how you your Audi navigation device can update.

Audi: Navi update carry - important'sSource:

Audi: So you can update the Navi

  1. Updates to your navigation system will be implemented with a CD / DVD.
  2. You can as a CD either an Audi dealer near you or get online shop *.
  3. In the shop you can the correct updates either based top left your vehicle identification number (VIN / FIN) seeking. It stands on the registration document at position 4 or in the registration certificate I under item E.

    Here, the chassis number is at position E.Here, the chassis number is at position E.

  4. Sets the CD into your radio to install the updates automatically.
  5. If your car comes to the inspection, the competent service updates the Navi cards generally. Asks a precaution after.

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