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What is it about the HTTP status code 405 to? How can you fix the problem? We tell you what it means when the code 405 &# 8220; Method not allowed&# 8221; or &not approved method; # 8220&# 8221; receives and how to fix the mess.

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HTTP code

to surf the Internet as a normal user, you will encounter more often called HTTP codes, which often describe a particular type of error or provide other information. In some cases, you can do something against it, however, often is also a server error, the only the system administrator can resolve.

Here the different HTTP codes in the brief survey. Codes that begin with 1 to 3, receives an Internet user rarely seen when he is not even a system administrator.

  • 1xx: HTTP codes that begin with a 1, provide the information that the processing of an inquiry is still ongoing.
  • 2xx: mean status messages with a 2 that the request was successful and the answer can now be recycled.
  • 3xx: This is about permanent or temporary diversions of URLs.
  • 4xx: There is an error in the query, the problem is probably at the client.
  • 5xx: There is an error in the query, the problem probably lies with the server.

So our HTTP code 405 is an error code that indicates an error in a query &# 8211; and is probably caused by the client. Frequently, 405 with the text &# 8220; Method not allowed&# 8221; or &not approved method; # 8220&# 8221; accompanied. But what exactly does this mean? And what can you do about it?


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HTTP Error 405: Method Not Allowed

Now from the first digit 4 says that the fault probably lies with the client and not the server. This is strictly speaking correct, the client has made in this case for example, a request to the server, which is not allowed on this. For example, was created a form in which a particular query is sent post, for example with the method, but this is not allowed for any reason on the server, the user now receives the error message HTTP 405th

Strictly speaking, therefore, the client has made an incorrect request, but: This can not exert any influence on the query method normally, that is, when a form or an input field is in error, it's just wrong.

Method not allowed - What to do?

This means in German: When a user receives such an error code (&not approved method; # 8220&# 8221; or &# 8220; Method not allowed&# 8221), this effectively means that the HTML document must be corrected as such or the settings have to be adjusted on the server. And that can logically correct itself, only the operator of the website. So the query method used may need from the server operators are explicitly allowed in the code. Are you self-publishers and do not know why this error code appears at you, you should contact the hoster and inform you about the problem.

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