Hearthstone: Warcraft card game now available for Android

Blizzard has released the trading card game Hearthstone for Android. The game is based formally on big names like Magic: The Gathering, based on the content of the Warcraft universe and white with accessibility, slick animation and various Wettkampfmodi some time on the PC and on iOS to convince. Now the game has been released for Android tablets, but for now only available in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. but we could find the APK for manual installation in this country.

Hearthstone: Warcraft card game now available for Android [APK Download][Update from 12.17 .:] Hearthstone is now in the Play Store are available in Germany:HearthstonedownloadQR codeHearthstoneDeveloper: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.Price: Free

With characters from the Warcraft universe, the digital trading card game Hearthstone is virtually since its release battle.net for the PC in blizzards and iOS sells itself, but also interested newcomers find thanks to a catchy gameplay and great presentation fast access to the turn-based battles between the "Heroes of Warcraft," as the subtitle.

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The playing style resembles roughly comparable titles; who the Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon TCG or Yu-Gi-Oh! played, gets along quickly. Players assume the role of various Warcraft heroes, each with unique abilities and command a deck of creatures, spells and weapons. While the former actively draw for the hero in the fight and the latter improve the attack of the hero himself, spells may have different effects on all participants of the duel. Won fights are rewarded with booster packs that include new maps and serve to strengthen the own decks. Fighting is optional against computer-controlled hero or online against human opponents.


So far, the game was battle.net and only at the desktop via Blizzard's available on the iPad, now Blizzard has the long-awaited Android version released. This is free, but also just on tablets (and phablets from 6 inches) installed, also currently only in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. In the coming days the game is supposed to be from Google Play and the Amazon App Store available worldwide.

Download Hearthstone

HearthstonedownloadQR codeHearthstoneDeveloper: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.Price: Free

Those who can not wait until the worldwide release, which we offer here the APK file to download and manual installation. For this, the installation of "unknown origin" and "unsafe sources" must be allowed in the security settings of your Android device. The list of officially supported devices is currently quite short, but the minimum requirement is Android 4.0, A device with 6-inch diagonal screen and 1GB of RAM.

To reddit circulating a guide on how to install the game outside of the test area. For this you have to download the rest of the game data before installing the APK (510 MB download at Mega.co.nz) and store it in internal media storage in the following directory in the internal memory:


It must first, of course, be created with a file manager like ES or Solid Explorer. After installing and starting the APK files should be extracted from the game itself and the game should run.

We could not even test the file for lack of compatible tablet, colleague Lars von All about Samsung could announce at least four success on the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Get in touch if and if so, on which device the game is running in the comments with you.

download: Hearthstone (APK, 25.7 MB)
Hearthstone (APK, 25.7 MB) qr code

Sources: Blizzard, XDA

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