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The X-Files Season 11 comes. After the cult mystery series in 2016 celebrated its comeback was quite clear that to proceed after that. In the US, the eleventh season will start in early 2018 - with the official trailer you can attune you ever been to the new episodes. There are also some exciting glimpses of what awaits us in the act of the 11th season.

Check out the new trailer directly from us:

1390The X-Files Season 11: Official Trailer HD

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2016, the FBI special agent Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were reactivated and again sent into use after 10-year break. The tenth season was actually initially planned as a stand-alone mini-series. After the great success, but we quickly decided at Fox for submit further consequences and tell the tale. Besides many familiar faces we expect some real surprises in the eleventh season of the cult mystery series.

The X Files Scully MulderBack in Service: FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are also in the eleventh season of The X-Files Season. Source: Fox

The X-Files Season 11: When is the launch in Germany?

This will create the very beginning the most important question of the room: An official launch date for Germany has not yet been announced. In the United States acts launches X Season 11 stand at present "early 2018". An exact date has not yet been mentioned here - but we can orient ourselves in the last season.

This was first broadcast on 24 January 2016th With us, the release followed then a few weeks later, on February 8. If it runs similar for the new episodes, we must Beginning in February 2018 count on The X-Files Season 11th Interesting is the question of who takes over the broadcast. The former ProSieben has not yet ruled - but it could well be that another transmitter or even a streaming service is the new episodes.

The last season was in Germany not a failure, but not a super hit. Therefore, it is definitely in the realm of possibility that Netflix, Amazon Prime to step in and Co., if not a "traditional" TV channel place. We will keep you of course at this point in the loop!

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Holt you here all the episodes of The X-Files in the favorable complete package:

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More episodes, less alien conspiracy

The new season of The X-Files is a bit more extensive. Instead of just six episodes, we get this time ten episodes. Of this, eight episodes tell a self-contained story, a kind of monster-the-week story. Only two episodes will be dedicated to the big alien conspiracy which was a basic theme of The X-Files since the beginning of the series. In the eleventh season we said goodbye aware of it because you want to tell just exciting, entertaining stories, "said Fox boss David Madden.

The plot is still connect to the final of the tenth Season and not ignore the recent events completely. A central storyline will probably be the common son of Scully and Mulder, who was released in the ninth season for adoption. William is gone - look for him will definitely be an issue. "You have to find him and you have to stop him before he creates hell on earth" Scully says in the trailer to her partner.

Says it so her son or rather the CSM, which is again one of the party? Apparently the mysterious puppet master will cut off using a secret organization humanity. Help could get Scully and Mulder from her old boss Skinner, who also returns. However, it is not clear where its loyalties lie.

Cigarette Smoking ManDre Krebskaniddat's just not go on forever. Image: Fox

Cast and crew: New faces in the eleventh season

Also in the eleventh season, the creative team is intact size in part to series creator Chris Carter, but there are some exciting new additions: Fans of yesteryear can look forward to the return of Karin Konoval. The actress was seen in the role of Mrs. Peacock in the popular episode "incest" (Season 4, Episode 2) and are in Season 11 Series her comeback. Another new character is named Erika Price and is a member of a yet unnamed powerful secret organization. It is played by Barbara Hershey ( "Hannah and Her Sisters," "Black Swan").

Particularly exciting is the obligation of the actor Haley Joel Osment. The former child star is best known for his role as the supernaturally gifted boy Cole Sears in the horror classic "The Sixth Sense" alongside Bruce Willis - but in recent years it has been rather quiet around him.

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The X-Files Season 11, the former star will play an important role in a series, which is devoted entirely to the past by Assistant Director Walter Skinner. &# 8220; Fans will find out who Walter Skinner is really how he became what he is today and why&# 8221 ;, so the performer Mitch Pileggi in conversation with TVLine.

Otherwise, many old friends are back. The main roles of course David Duchochny and Gillian Anderson also already confirmed are Mitch Pilegg as Walter Skinner, Annabeth Gish and William B. Davis in the role of the enigmatic cancer candidates. Special Agents Miller (Robbie Amell) and Einstein (Lauren Ambrose), which were newly introduced in Season 10, also return.

The X-Files Season 11 launch date StreamThe X-Files Season 11 is probably the beginning of 2018. Source: Fox

Authors of old episodes with it

As the website TVLine reported serial inventor Chris Carter has put together the authors of the eleventh season - most of which are old acquaintances. Among the authors are Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan and James Wong, who cooperated on both the new version and the original X-Files episodes. However, two prominent names missing, which is likely to disappoint many fans. Vince Gilligan ( "Breaking Bad," "Better Call Saul") and Frank Spotnitz ( "The Man in the High Castle") are in the eleventh season no longer part of the authoring team.

Mulder and Scully are swapping places in this exclusive first look at #TheXFiles season 11. viewer load saw Scully, immune to the alien virus sweeping the planet, on a gridlocked bridge trying to cure Mulder before it was too late. â ???? Obviously something unexpected has happened, â ???? series creator Chris Carter told us. Click the link in our bio for more details. ð ???? · Robert Falconer / Fox

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Also comes a new X-Files movie?

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Series creator Chris Carter threw the possibility of a third X-Files movie in the room during the presentation of the new season. The would then have markedly from the second part of The X-Files &# 8211; I Want to Believe differ. "If there is a third part would have to be a downright gigantic film with a decent budget. That's exactly what fans of The X-Files want, "said Carter. "The second part was a blip and I think the new film would again more similar to the first part."