Facebook Messenger: play basketball – Here’s how

Just recently, we showed you how to play a game of chess in the Facebook Messenger. But that's not all. Those who want to pass the time until the chat partner replied, also can play basketball on Facebook.

Facebook Messenger: play basketball - Here's how

Of course, you get in Messenger no basketball simulation in the style of NBA 2K16. But to pass the time in between the baskets-throwing is all.

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Facebook Messenger: play basketball - Here's how

Do you want to play the Facebook Messenger basketball goes as follows:

  1. Opens the Messenger app on the smartphone.
  2. Looking at the Emojis after the bell.
  3. There you scroll down until you find the basketball Emoji.
  4. Posting the basketball sign your opponent.
  5. In the text box, you click the icon on now.
  6. This opens a new window in which you can throw her your virtual baskets.
  7. simply pulls the basketball this in the chat window towards the basket. Naturally you should not aim properly.

facebook messenger basketball 2

playing basketball in the Facebook Messenger

After each cast point you get a point. The more balls were sunk, is all the more serious it to hit the basket. So the board begins to move from a higher score. Meet her and on, also the board moves faster. The result can you share with each chat partner and so determine in whom the larger Michael "Air" Jordan infected. In order for the basketball game is activated, you need the latest version of Messenger. If the game does not start, ensure that you have downloaded the latest update. The basketball game is available in the Facebook chat app on Android devices and iPhone or iPad.

basketball in-messenger

In the United States takes to date with NCAA &# 8220; March Madness&# 8221; the final basketball tournament in college basketball. Here are fighting in the coming days a total of 68 college teams for the national title. Many aspiring NBA players are doing standing on the hall floor. Facebook takes the current basketball hype and you can also throw in the basket.

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