Sky: prices for 2017- New costs and increases at a glance

Who in this country want to watch live broadcasts of the Bundesliga and Champions League or right will be transferred to the TV screen in the living room-run movies, is the first point of the pay-TV operator Sky. Here you learn what different packages are available and how prices at Sky look. End of May price increase for all existing customers of Sky was announced.

Depending on the booked package you have access to different content. In this way, of course create different costs for the Sky subscription.

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Sky: Prices at a Glance &# 8211; Increase from Augsut

After the pay-TV provider could keep its prices constant, there was already in May, 2015 after two years an increase in the cost of service. Depending on the access, the price increased by 9 cents to 2.09 €. The new Sky-rates applied to all new customers. In May 2016 Sky announced a further price increase, which will also meet existing customers. should grab the new prices from 1 August 2016. This affects about 4.6 million Sky customers.

These prices are currently still at Sky:

  • Sky World Sky + film: € 19.99 (after 24 months: 35,99 €)
  • Sky World Sky + film: € 19.99 (after 24 months: 35,99 €)
  • Sky World + Football Bundesliga + Sport: € 29.99 (after 24 months: 48.99 €)
  • Sky World + Football Bundesliga + Sport: € 29.99 (after 24 months: 48.99 €)
  • Sky World + Football Bundesliga + Sport + Film package: € 39.99 (after 24 months: 39,99 €)

This is caused mainly due to higher costs for program licenses and the technical infrastructure. Besides film rights above all the TV rights to the broadcasts of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League and Bundesliga to affect the licensing costs. With the following monthly price increases Sky customers can expect soon:

packagesincreaseincrease percentage
Sky Welt0.85 €5%
Sky Welt + 1 Premium Package1.50 €4.2%
Sky Welt + 2 premium packages2 €4.1%
Sky Welt + 3 premium packages2.50 €4.2%
Premium HD0.5 €5 €
Sky Starter and Sky EntertainmentNo change

In the discount periods, the price increase will be lower. The price increase may also be viewed on a personal level in the online customer. For questions and problems you can contact you to the Sky customer service.

A special right of termination due to the rise in prices there are not loud Sky. The price increase is less than 5%, only from a five percent increase in costs would grab a termination clause. Elsewhere you learn more about a sky termination.

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shutterstock_402958390On Sky-seers increased costs occur.

In all Sky subscriptions, there is the Sky Go access for free. In addition, a Sky + HD hard drive receiver is provided free of charge for the duration of the subscription. The normal service charge of 169 € are not required.

The prices at Sky for restaurateurs (2016)

Once fall for the activation of the subscription also at a fee of 49 € and a logistics fee of 12.90 €. Who wants to see HD channels on Sky, can this month to book for 10 € extra. The availability of the transmitter depends on the booked packages. As a rule, new customers can view the HD + stations for six months for free. A notice on Sky must be submitted as a rule after the deadline two months before the expiry of the contract period. Remains the termination, the monthly price increases as indicated above. From time to time there are also limited offers, in which Sky is available at a reduced price.

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If you own a pub, bar or the like, and want to be there to run Sky channels must reckon with higher costs. The prices depend on the retail space. At Sky you will find an overview of prices for restaurants in pdf format listed. Monthly costs are here to between 449 € and 1,449 €.

Sky: prices for 2017- New costs and increases at a glance

We show you the differences between Sky Go, Sky and Sky Snap Online. In addition, you learn from us how to sort receivers on Sky channels and programs.

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