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WhatsApp Wallpaper 11 wallpaper download

Martin Malischekon 16/03/2016 at 15:00

Many of you will probably ever had the one time or another have changed their wallpaper in the WhatsApp Konverationen. to find a suitable background image but is not quite as easy as most Android wallpapers are very impressive, but the majority is anyway hidden messages. We have put together eleven discreet, but still not boring wallpapers for WhatsApp for you.

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Of course WhatsApp also offers self wallpapers, but they can be boring with time and are mostly not very elegant. In our selection for almost every taste. Whether you want something to use very abstract as a background of your WhatsApp conversations like a cloudy sky, a vinyl disk, wood or even.

The pictures were taken that they also act accordingly if they are largely hidden chat messages, which ultimately is the nature of WhatsApp background images.

Although our WhatsApp Wallpaper are mostly in landscape mode, but can be cut easily and also because of their simple subject without forfeiting with WhatsApp. If you are wondering how you can still change the WhatsApp design, we will answer you this question in the linked article. We also tell you the article "WhatsApp status: The 50 best lines," how can you be creative in your WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp Wallpaper: Wallpaper change?

Here you can download the wallpaper.

Source: textured background (flickr) by Marisa Hugo Nice, released under CC license BY-ND 2.0

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