Dishonored 2: Emily and Corvo in gameplay Comparison

Emily or Corvo? The action adventure Dishonored 2: The Legacy of the mask allows you to choose between two heroes with very different skills. So you can decide at the November release of the game you, we ask you all skills in the video detail before. Which supernatural powers will you choose?

7897Dishonored 2: skills of Emily and Corvo in detail

In Dishonored 2 expect not only exotic locations and a whole new adventure, it will also be a playing field on which we can play again with supernatural abilities properly. Many of the skills from the not so silent bodyguard Corvo we know this already, albeit in a now slightly modified form - but also the grown-up Emily Kaldwin mixed this time with and bring their own magic-like tricks with it.

Reason enough to take a comparative look between the two heroes and see what is new, what cool options we had with Corvo in Dishonored, such Yet now they are on and what can Emily Add all this?

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night vision

Let's start with the only capacity in which our stalwart hero does not differ: Both can detect not only all sorts of bad guys through walls, but even recognize their fields of view. And where adequate expansion see Emily and Corvo not only useful items, but also noise! How it works? we do not know, but we find it great!

Teleport vs. far rich

Who moved into the streets of Dunwall on the floor, was your own fault. Thanks to the teleportation ability that donated the godlike Outsider Corvo, not only short distances were almost suddenly overcome trips to higher lying fields were not the slightest problem. Furthermore it was the famous "flashing" of course also be used offensively for surprise attacks - an aspect that we find in Dishonored 2 where Teleport again brings mobility, but, for example, with a hearty kick in the end can send a bad guy on the boards ,

emily-far-reachingHex hex, hüpf hüpf: With "Far rich" Emily moved quickly from one corner to the next.

Emily, however, has a similarly useful tool but it works a little bit different. With a kind of magical grappling hook can be drawn to edges and protrusions to climb this swiftly and thus to move as good as Corvo through the area. Sounds similar to the fight but can fly to the Baroness "Far rich" Emily's enemies in a high arc - a perfect template for you to pick the same with a sophisticated animated combat maneuvers like apples from the air and defenseless off.

Rats vs. shadow

Anyone who has played the predecessors know that Corvo has many friends - small, teeming, greedy friends. Not only Mr. attano can briefly take possession of a rat to take advantage of secret passages and so sneak past guards, he can also call aggressive swarms of comical rodents on the plan to attack the enemy or to eat conspicuous corpses. So the bodyguard has good cards thanks to the little pests both while sneaking and fighting. he can even to apply to people who "control" - with the limitations that his victim did not fight or perform similarly complex actions.

emily-shadow shapeIn Dishonored 2 in a supporting role: The Smoke Monster from LOST.

Failure Kaldwin it comes to spukiger. Will they unseen pass through an area, it turns swiftly into their shadowy form in which it rushes past like a creeping specter of adversaries. But offensively you help their comrades on the other side. With the ability to "Mesmerize" she calls a spirit brought about, proposes to the people and dogs in its spell and makes them momentarily defenseless - an ideal opportunity for a secret flight, a spontaneous dance routine or a devious murder.

Gust vs. domino

Even the most cautious Schleicher sees himself eventually a majority of enemies over and need a trick to master the situation. If Corvo back too many soldiers on the fur, he can have always summon the powers of the wind to let it fly to swirl the villains through the air and to escape the turmoil either or simply turn off the human Dandelions, as long as they lie on the ground. With an upgrade the gusts even be fatal if the swirled Halunke is thrown against a wall.

corvo-wind shockWith "gust of wind" to Corvo annoying opponents at bay holds.

More elegant it comes to Emily. they can link enemies together so that they share the fate of the other with the ability "Domino". Also hacks subsequently So one of the guys from the turnip, the rest automatically goes also over Jordan. Of course, this capability is also ideal, not to let it come only to fights: Simply select several unsuspecting adversaries, stabbing one of them optional, lure them into a trap or break his heart, even the whole group looks pushing up daisies at.

Time vs. slow doppelganger

Illusion, trickery and the element of surprise - with the most valuable tools in the hands of Emily and Corvo alike. Although it costs a lot of energy, it is possible for the sprightly mask carrier to slow time itself massively, even later, they completely stop momentarily. Only Corvo itself can move. Whether directly in combat or in advance to avoid unnecessary scars: a very powerful tool.

The heir to the throne, however, is rather confusion and shadow play by hastily summons a double, who attracts the attention of enemies on it. To make the illusion complete, they can swap places with the silhouette to strike quickly and send the confused enemies on the boards. A deadly cat and mouse game in which enemy soldiers have worse cards.

Shadow Strike vs. Pirates of the bloodflies

Not even dead enemies are safe from the skills of our heroes! Corvo we know the ability that secretly killed enemies disintegrate directly to ashes - practical, because now you have no 150-kilogram body through the area and scrape, to the otherwise still stumbles a vigilant colleague. An appreciation even allows that each killed opponent crumbles like a cookie.

blood flyThe blood fly from Emily are pretty disgusting. And helpful.

Here Emily is placed a little more aggressive - and with "something" we mean "murderous much more aggressive." Has she learned the "Pirates of the blood flying," each killed enemy becomes a nest of the eponymous insects. As Monster Hornets they flow from the carcasses and pounce on other bad guys who come too close. A powerful, though less subtle option for late crooks.

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