Send large files – the top five Web services

Who wants to send large files, often faces the problem that many e-mail providers do not allow large files only &# 8211; or you also can be sure not know if they arrive at the receiver at all. We present five free Internet services that solve the problem.

Send large files - the top five Web services

Send large files - the top five Web services

These free providers do not send the large file then e-mail, but it uploads them to a server, and the service then only sent the link via e-mail. The file can be downloaded as a rule, for several days and then deleted.

Of course there is the possibility of large files and only when any cloud storage (here we introduce five free online storage available) upload, then copy the link in an email and send the mail. However, the featured sites do that in one step.

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Top 5 Pages: send large files

1. We transfer

Send large files with WeTransferBeautifully simple and at least the input mask in German: In WeTransfer the file or files can be up to 2 GB in size. On the very first page you can get started: Select File, enter addresses and e-mail text, send it. The files remain available seven days at WeTransfer, then they are automatically deleted.

2. Stream File

Unlike WeTransfer you have to log in to first with e-mail address. The file can be up to 300 MB and is available for 24 hours under the link. The site is in English.

3. file2send

file2sendThe Berlin service file2send is completely in German before and is comfortable step by step &# 8211; but also shows some ads on the page. The files can be up to 500 MB and stay a week on the server (for five downloads).

4. - send not only looks good, but is also good to use: No registration upload file, then on the next page into the field &# 8220; Type email here&# 8230;&# 8221; Enter the destination address. Or just under &# 8220; Copy Link&# 8221; the URL and paste it into a personal e-mail. The files can be up to 2 GB in size when free account and stay for 30 days &# 8211; but can also be deleted manually before.

5. File Mail

mail file

File Mail is clear and also otherwise all the advantages on its side: send up to 2GB without registration, (which then individually or can be downloaded automatically zipped) multiple files at once, e-mail changed. In addition, the site is fully available in German. Three days remain the files online. So the sending of large files a breeze.


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