PayPal: “Redemption open” – how long does it take?

With PayPal, you can quickly and easily make payments online. If you have problems you also often has the option to retrieve his money. In some cases it can happen that is mentioned in the PayPal account "Redemption open."

Find out here what this means and how long you have to wait with "open Redemption" on the money.

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"Redemption open" at PayPal: Duration of reversal

Is a "Redemption open", a reversal of an amount previously paid is indeed initiated, but it does not yet have the money. Various reasons may be present. The experience in the network vary widely, how long can last the open state. Usually a repayment 2-5 working days "open" remains before the money already paid will be returned. Similarly, with the note "delayed availability".

  • If a payment at PayPal carried out by direct debit, it can up to 8 working days last until the repayment is complete.
  • When paying by direct debit to the PayPal account, the payment service provider initially goes in advance, to forward the money to the seller. Up to eight working days, it may take until the money is then received from the bank account at PayPal.
  • So the repayment remains open until PayPal has received the money laid out by the bank.
  • Often, the date of redemption in the respective Info-mail is already incorporated.

Also learn from us what is going on with the words "Payment open" at PayPal up.

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PayPal: "Redemption open" &# 8211; up to 8 days not uncommon

Was the payment made through the bank account or PayPal balance, you get the repayment as a credit for the PayPal account. The credit can you then can return materials to the bank account if you are planning any payments via PayPal in the near future or will have the money elsewhere. In case of payment by credit card the money is credited back to the loaded credit card. This refund can take up to 30 days.

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Of course you can also revoke a direct debit on the payment service. However, in this case charges apply via PayPal. If your repayment can be unusually long in coming, the Contacting PayPal Customer recommended. Under certain circumstances, technical problems may exist that prevent a chargeback.


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