“Bae”: What does the abbreviation in the chat?

Who online, communicating on the Internet chat or by WhatsApp will come sooner or later to various shortcuts. Behind these strings of letters, terms that are used regularly hide. One of these abbreviations is "bae". But what does "bae"?

You see the importance of Bae and the most popular other chat abbreviations in the video
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Genaus like most other chat abbreviations, for example. B. "yolo", "lol" or "pebkac" also has "bae" originates from the English.

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"Bae": meaning and DefinitionDie letter in the acronym standing for "before anyone else".

  • The letters in the acronym standing for "before anyone else".
  • translated in German is the name of a person who "all other" means.
  • In specific cases "bae" is used as a shortened form for "babe" or "baby".
  • Alternatively, the abbreviation also the friend's girlfriend, best friend, best friend, etc. may designate.
  • Frequently "bae" can be equated with "Bro".
  • In general, "Bae" So means someone who is very close to one.
  • In Danish, "Bae" is the way for a feces-pile.
  • For centuries, is "bae" also used as sheep sound in writing.

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What does "bae"?

"Bae" can also be widely used as a positive description of a thing. Will you about statements that you like something that you just read, you can say "The text was bae!". Another example of the use of the phrase would be: "I go with my bae shopping!".

A witty explanation of the meaning of "bae" can be found on YouTube in the channel of William Haynes:

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