Music Player: The best programs for playback on Windows

Those who want to play music on the PC, this requires a music player, so a program that can play audio files located on the computer as well as music CDs. In this article we present you the best free online music player for Windows.

Music Player: The best programs for playback on WindowsSource: Leszek Glasner

On Music player dominates the playback of audio files of common formats, and audio CDs. In addition, this type of software to further features such as administrative functions for digital music collection, creating playlists, burning features or the ability to synchronize the music with a MP3 player. Read below what music players are highly recommended and what do these:

Music player of tradition: WinAmp

18501Winload Winamp Full video

Although the development of WinAmp was set a while ago; but the music player can still be used and is still one of the best programs of his profession. The peculiarity of WinAmp represent the many plugins and skins available is added which functions according to the modular principle, the program and its appearance can be customized.

WinAmp is available in two different versions: The above linked WinAmp Full and WinAmp Lite. While the full version includes several additional features such as the Media Library, they are missing in the Lite edition. For this, of course, the latter also consumes less memory. WinAmp also an Android app is available with which the Musikblibliothek can be synchronized to PC and Android smartphones.

Media Monkey: The able manager

Music player 1

Another very recommendable music player is MediaMonkey. In addition to the information contained in this program, common functionality of music players to MediaMonkey have from particular through its extensive Veraltungsfunktionen from other programs of this kind. The software also manages large music collections easily and mastered not only the editing and automatic updating of existing tags; it can also be created and new media library is then searched using this Another advantage MediaMonkey is the ability to sync with iOS devices and via app with Android devices.

Foobar2000: Simple and Powerful

Music player 2

Special features of foobar2000 are the extensive customizability of the user interface, the simple design and the large number of supported audio formats. Otherwise, the functions of the program are limited to features related to the music playback; foobar2000 dominated here but everything that you need in order to play his music easily and manage. Due to its simple presentation and sleek architecture is foobar2000 very powerful and fast, but can nevertheless be extended by plugins.

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