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You do not accommodate more than one line in a cell in Excel and know how this works? We show you the different ways that you can deal with the manual and the automatic line break in Excel.

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For whatever reason, you want to run Excel in a line break or a paragraph in a cell. This can safely either easily manually or automatically done. We tell you quickly how you can use both ways.

Line break in Excel cause: Manual or automatic

1. Manual line break in Excel

  • To insert a new line within a cell, one simply holds the key (Old) pressed when with (Enter) or (Return) the line break is generated.

Expresses her only (Enter) you will slide to the next line.

However, caution is needed during this process: Changes you subsequently the line width of the cell / column, the so-called hard line breaks are sometimes taken incorrect. In such cases, the automatic line break offers much more.

2. Automatic line break in Excel

automatic line breakSets the word wrap to wrap long lines
  • Do you want to bring about an automatic line feed in Excel, it marks the appropriate cells and operates the key combination (Ctrl) + (1), to activate the formatting.
  • In tab "alignment" you activate the check mark in front of a line break.
  • Do you write now text that goes beyond the fixed column width, it will automatically wrap and does not continue into the next empty column.


Both versions work in all common versions of Excel (2013, 2016, etc.). When word wrap you have possibly navigate you in the different versions by other riders.


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